How to Add Influence and Charisma
to All Your Videos

In just 30 days you can show up with authority and make it easy for your customers to say "YES!"

Have you ever watched someone in a video, maybe in your own market space, and thought “Dang, I wish I could pull that off!”

If so, there's something I need to show you.

Hidden in plain sight within each of the comments below is the factor that reveals how people really think about your on-camera videos. 

When you see this, everything will change for you. (all comments from one actual YouTube channel and blog...

The Invisible Credibility Factor

The following are not just flattering comments. They're simply instructions that tell you exactly what you need to do to be perceived as an expert. Even though each comment might seem different, each is giving you the same very specific insight. Can you see it?

You are too cool, too funny, and too talented. Thanks for sharing your expertise!
--Julie Weishaar

Awesome video Steve! I think your frank style and deep content really goes unparalleled. You project a lot of confidence and trust.
--Jorge Fernandez

You have the ability to make video education so easy, and so fun! You make it look so easy on camera, and that is the mark of a true professional. I always find people freeze up when they are in front of the camera. I'll be sure to try some of your pointers.

You are very good in front of the camera. I just get nervous and do odd things with my face that I don't do in normal conversation. I wish I could get over it!
--Nancy Debosek

Thank you, Steven, for your video. Totally discovered by accident, but a topic which I am interested in nonetheless. That said your voice and explanation is so easy to listen to and to follow. Unlike some on here. Thank you again.
--Steve Williams

Steven- Thanks. You really address what's at "The Heart of the Matter" for successful videos. Let me suggest one word that summarizes what you're talking about: "Authenticity."
--Howard Weiss

Great job, I love your videos. As tempting as it is to skip to the end to get the golden nuggets I find myself wanting to watch the whole thing because of how to make them 🙂
--Online Mastery

Nice job tackling a very challenging topic to actually teach. If I may add a few maybe not so obvious points that I notice you regularly employ:
1. Voice inflection, pitch/tone, parody, imitation, utterances
2. Gestures, mannerisms, body positioning - especially facial expressions and hands (but the best use their head, eyes, eye brows, nose, mouth,tongue, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms hands, etc
3. Timing - delay, pause, pregnant pause, pace, cadence
4. Post-production - sound effects, background music, edits (cutaways, zooms, text messages, etc)
--California Travel Videos

What a great video, and what a great voice.
Mike P 3

*** FIRST — what a delightful tutorial, it's exceptionally different. It welcoming, engaging, not condescending in the least, lighthearted and not "too" cute. Most of all you packed a bunch of excelling introductory information for those who've searched all over the Internet ...
William Castronuovo

This guy is an effortless charmer. Love the way he portrays himself.
Stelios Remaz

I love your delivery style and content. Hope to get to your level ! Keep up this great content.
Sean K. “Velocity Videos” Michael

I am just halfway through the video but I couldn't wait till the end before commenting, you look like such a jovial fellow, your video is very helpful and interesting.
Ketan Bhatt

Did you see it yet? OK. Before I reveal the secret, let's talk about why it's such a good idea to be seen as a category of looking at one more post...

Wow! This was your best video ever... I really appreciate you sharing this. You inspire me to…greatness. If you would develop a tutorial case study on how you created this I would buy it immediately. Great job.


Do you see how, without any sales "techniques", but with the right video presence, you can do something even more powerful than selling? You can empower, which inspires someone to make their own decision to buy. To me, that's infinitely more rewarding than using persuasion tactics.

I used to have a miserable time in my business trying to convince people to buy this or that service. But when I began to focus on who I was when I showed up on camera, and used what I knew about projecting it into the world, everything changed.

Clients started showing up pre-sold. There was no more "closing". Selling became a simple matter of answering a few polite questions.

And those clients were fantastic, as they got the results they were looking for.

And speaking of results, mine came from "nowhere". Even though I had no connections, no money and no special advantages, with all my competitors already enjoying massive followings, I was finally starting to make a difference.

I was using this simple process to build a video business, but others use it everyday to build empires in consulting, coaching, real estate, finance, fitness, massage therapy, you name it! I have yet to find a kind of business that can't use this "formula".

What's the Secret?

Of course there isn't really a "secret". What we're discussing are solid principles that have been taught ever since Aristotle published his Amazon best-seller in the business category, Poetics.

In other words, the Rhetoric Factor. I’ve just adapted the rules to video in a unique blend of content and performance that anyone can learn.

That’s why I picked out comments above that demonstrate how much your script and your persona are linked. In a video it’s difficult for the viewer to separate one from the other.

Go ahead. Read them again. I’ll wait. Notice how in each sentence the content and how it is delivered are mentioned over and over again.

The ideas behind this unusual work are why some videos get an enthusiastic response, and some, with even better writing, get almost no response.

The viewer is literally judging your argument based on how she perceives you as a human being. But then again, it’s not her fault. It’s how we’re wired to see our fellow man.

When that guy or gal on camera is perceived as charismatic, their material is judged more favorably than if the on-camera performance was dull as dishwater.

You don't have to act like some phony imitation of yourself, either. You can even have low energy, which everyone says is the kiss of death.

Look at these comments about energy:

Great video and love the way you speak. You’re speaking so calmly and quietly, not trying to sell us anything. I’m hooked!

--Cathy Goodwin

And my all-time favorite!

At first I closed this video, because the man seemed to be old and boring. But in the next second I re-opened it, and enjoyed a story with a great interest. Thank you Steven, you know really good how to convey an appealing story to an audience.

--Konstantin Kupriyanov

It’s simple, really. Bring your best “you”, and your content is judged as superior. You amplify the effect it has on your audience, you create more of an impact, and your status as an expert rises with each new piece of content you produce.

Even if your viewer’s conscious mind labels you “old and boring”, their subconscious mind compels them to watch and enjoy.

On the other hand, if you ignore the critical factors that make for compelling content, it comes back to bite you. Your materials don’t really improve past a certain point, and you hit a plateau of influence you will be hard-pressed to get beyond.

If you’ve read The First 20 Seconds – How to Start Your Video Like a Pro, then you know I believe in writing powerful scripts to base (almost) all your videos on.

You can go a long way with that approach once you have someone’s attention.

But if you don’t understand the principles that make for on-camera charisma, or maybe understand them but don’t know how to put them into practice, you risk losing the attention of your viewer before you can really make the connection.

That’s why I want to let you know about an important resource that could give you a real advantage in creating authority in your market space.

It's Called Master of Video Presence

In Master of Video Presence students learn how to show up in a way that their future customers see them as a credible source of expertise. They discover the unique parts of themselves that translate better on camera. They lose all their camera shyness and develop charisma. They relax on camera, yet seem to have boundless energy. They use a Teleprompter like a pro, so they can do their scripts word for word. For starters.

Students will leave Master of Video Presence with confidence and energy. They’re able to apply this skill to literally any video they make, whether it’s a sales video, instructional video, interview, or "Lifestyle".

You'll love the new confidence you gain from this learning!

Inside the Course

In five modules, we cover everything you need to know about both the technical and personal aspects of being on camera.  From a full briefing on how to use a teleprompter, to the discoveries of your on-camera energy type and Role, to writing scripts that take advantage of your on-camera persona, to the ways to make your voice more dynamic, we really try to leave no stone unturned.

Let's look at them in more detail...

The Frictionless Intro

The secrets of starting your video in an irresistible way. Works great with The First 20 Seconds brief.


Starting the video well makes everything easier.

Relaxation while totally engaged. That's the ticket.

Relaxing Into Your Presence

No matter how camera shy you are, follow these instructions and you'll come across like a pro because you’ll feel like one.

Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

High-energy, low-energy, doofus or diva, everyone deserves to be comfortable being who they are. This helps others feel comfortable with who they are! You’ll find out why you haven’t been able to do this, and in the fixing of it, transform your relationship with your audience.


When you're OK with you, it puts your audience at ease.

What's your perfect on-camera Role?

Discover Your Ideal Role

We’ll have many roles in life: Mother, Husband, Employer, Friend, Leader…and many more. And yet, there’s a certain part of you that resonates most with your audience. When you find it, your relationship with your audience will never be the same. And that’s a good thing.

Simple tactics for a dynamic voice

You don’t actually have to be on camera to get a big benefit from this module. When you learn how to use your voice more effectively, even your screen cast videos will ring with authority.

There's a reason we have podcast stars.

How The Course Is Delivered

With a combination of online video, live webinars, assignments, a class forum and frequent feedback, we use every means possible to help you leverage your expertise into a "category of one" in your market.

  • Video Training

    The heart of the course is Steve’s video training on all things related to being on-camera, including the unique Roles System, which students find incredibly helpful in pulling their persona together.

  • The Class Forum

    We have a private forum where students can interact, upload videos, scripts, and give feedback to each other. Steve visits several times a day to provide additional perspective.

  • Office Hours

    Each week there is a block of time where students can call or Skype in and get me all to themselves. Think of it as a mini-mastermind where we work on your specific situation one-on-one.

  • Assignments

    Each week there is a fairly simple assignment regarding the creation of your persona. You can usually get through the assignment in less than an hour.

A Few More Questions...

What if I’ve never done a video before? How will I upload my assignments?

Steve shows you how to use your webcam to shoot and upload a video to YouTube, then provide a link back to us. Easy-peasy.

Do I have enough room to shoot a video the way you want me to?

Most people do. If you have a 10 x 10 room, you can even do greenscreen. If it’s smaller, you can still shoot with fine results by making sure your background is uncluttered.

How will I get the attention I need in an online course?

With most web-based training, you get a stack of videos and that’s it. But no one learns anything except the most rudimentary skills like that. We start with videos, have live personal mastermind sessions, a private student forum where Steve visits multiple times per day, and for questions of a more personal nature, there’s always email. So yes, you’ll get all the attention you need (and probably more!)

What kind of support is available after the training?

The class is self-paced, though it usually takes about 30 days to get through, and then you have access to the forum and monthly live webinars for an additional 6 months. Visible Authority provides many additional opportunities to learn and grow after this course concludes. From courses on launching with video to monthly coaching to consulting on specific projects; email us to discuss your personal situation.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

For as long as you want them. And when we update the course in the future, you’ll receive the free upgrade as well.

What type of training in production do you provide, so that I can actually make a video? I’ve never actually done this before.

Steve has several resources for getting you to proficiency. For this course, we have a comprehensive webinar to go over the suggested equipment list and how to use everything. People love this, as it really speeds up the learning curve. We also have an 8-hour comprehensive video production course that you have access to now. And if there’s some other resource or answer you need during the course to keep moving forward, we’ll make sure you get it. There’s very little we've seen that we can't easily help you through.

I have a face made for radio. What about that?

Have you ever seen crusty Karl Malden, sharp-tongued Bea Arthur, brainy goof Wallace Shawn, the spectacularly hideous Clint Howard, horse-faced Lyle Lovett, the adorable Rachel Dratch or the unlikely Steven Washer?

Faces made for radio if I ever saw them. Somehow it didn’t stop them from gathering their own following. You may not be as strange-looking as these guys and gals, but that shouldn’t stop you from drawing true followers and fans.

You seem to place a lot of emphasis on a certain kind of writing. What if I can't write like that?

Becoming a master of video presence is path of personal discovery. You will have at least 3 "aha" moments during the course, leading to at least 3 important ideas that will power up your content machine. That's what you’ll make your videos about. And you will be matter how you write it.

Don’t some people just have a talent for this and others are just…well… not good? I mean, no matter how hard I work at it I’m never going to be as good as a Hollywood actor like Wallace Shawn. What do you say to that?

INCONCEIVABLE! (a little Princess Bride inside joke) If you can be only a tenth as good, that’ll be enough to outpace my earnings. And I’m no slouch in that department. Hollywood actors are a little too narcissistic to pull this off anyway. You have to be a real person and focused on giving to make this work. Are you a real person? I suspect so, or you wouldn’t be asking.

What if I end up disliking this course? 

You may find that video is not for you. That’s why we have the 30-Day Instant Rewind Guarantee. You can literally go through the entire course (it takes 30 days), then you'll know whether or not this is going to work for you. If it doesn’t, you get all your money back the same day without any quibbling, and we'll appreciate the feedback. The request just needs to come within the 30 day window. And of course you need to have done the work and posted it in the Greenroom for feedback.

If after that there’s anything, I mean anything that makes you uncomfortable, just get your money back. You can send an email or phone us. You can send a message through the Greenroom. You can send a telegram or even pony express. Service is always same-day. (Except for pony express)

What People Say About Working With Steve

Andy McClure -

Guy DiMartino - The Chiropractic Lawyer

Jaime Miller - English Success Academy

Bill Baren - Bill Baren Coaching

Molly Gordon - Shaboom, Inc.

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The 30 Day Instant Rewind Guarantee

You can take the course then decide if it has been worth your while. The course is 30 days long and so is the guarantee. If you’ve done the work and posted it to the Greenroom, and there’s still anything that doesn’t suit you, let us know within 30 days for a prompt, no hassle refund of every cent you paid.

Will This Really Work For Me?

Well, it's not like learning SEO or accounting, where you can just read some stuff and watch some videos and get a huge amount of value. You have to apply it.

You also need to spend a little time thinking about yourself rather than about a "technique". And who knows what you might find down there?

I will say this...Because this is a different style of learning, I go out of my way to make it as simple and non-intimidating as possible. It becomes mostly a matter of answering questions, trying stuff out on video, and posting those videos for feedback.

Feedback is very important in this course. You are never left alone trying to figure all this stuff out on your own. You have access to me throughout the course through email and the forum.

So if you like individual attention, and you aren't completely freaked out about doing a little personal spelunking, then this just might work for you.

And if it does, I know you'll enjoy the reduced stress levels that come with getting video right, the increase in the number of clients who show up pre-sold, and the results your clients get down the road..

This is why I do it and teach it. And why I know it can work for you.

The Bottom Line

Master of Video Presence isn't cheap. So whether you get value from it depends on how you like doing business. You can do what everybody else does; manipulate this, tweak that, follow up with your leads, try to get in the door to get a meeting. I don’t do that. That’s not me.

I prefer to create a package that stimulates interest. Where you’re treated as the expert. And you’re asked “what should we do here? What should we buy?” 

There are so many questions that need to be answered; so many objections to be handled. And yet you can handle many of them in just 5 seconds with a video done right.

That’s what I teach. How to show up in a way that makes it easy for your clients and customers to say “yes, let’s go!”

Looking back, I can see this was always the kind of business I wanted. Yet it took me 10 years to work it out.

So from the perspective of my own journey, MVP cuts your learning curve by 98%.

If you still have questions, email me at for a prompt answer.

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