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When you're ready to launch your platform, you'll be using video. If you haven't done a lot of it, you may be surprised by the technical elements, especially at the higher end where you'll be playing. Here's a simple program to help you diagnose where things might be going wrong and how to fix it so that you can get on your way.

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The Visible Empire Partnership Program

You know you’ve got what it takes to deliver a transformational result to your clients. But when you look into the waiting room, you wonder if everyone got the time wrong. The purpose of this program is to bring the right people into your world, into your waiting room, and finally, into the inner sanctum. We’ll do this on your terms, with no partners, no launches and no pressure sales tactics. This is a complete one-on-one service for high-value professionals in markets where perception matters. In our work together you’ll develop a deeply resonant set of themes that you’ll project by way of your own video platform, learn to structure scripts that position you as a clear authority voice and rapidly shoot and edit simple yet highly engaging videos, resulting in greater influence and a steady stream of well-qualified clients.

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Steve's Private Roundtable

Sometimes you feel like you really could get it all in single weekend; who you want to be online, how you want to position your service, and how you want to market. If that time is now, the Roundtable might be right for you. We take 5 motivated business owners through an intensive process of re-imagining how their businesses interact with their market; how to make themselves immensely attractive, and how to reverse engineer a specific result, like increased sales or client acquisition, using video and authority. You come in with a specific problem. You leave with a specific solution.

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The Video Authority Masterclass

When was the last time you got a chance to show your video to a qualified outside observer before you published it? If you’re in an image-sensitive market, the answer is probably “never”. Discover what goes into videos that win the right kinds of clients; the ones who don’t complain, who pay on time and above all, get results. The Video Authority Masterclass is a year-long program that will get you comfortable with everything you need to know about capturing your magic and sharing it in a way that makes people say “I want what he’s got!”

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The All-Inclusive Video Launch

Sometimes you just don’t want a lab or mastery or even an easy button. Like being at an all-inclusive resort, you really just want everything taken care of. Case in point: You’re launching a product, service or even a new company, and you want the best possible support. That’s where we step in. Taking care of the million and one details involved in a video launch is actually the last step. Strategically creating your online persona, structuring your scripts for maximum engagement, positioning you as the authority in your niche, THEN making the videos and arranging them into an engaging experience…that’s what a great launch calls for. But you also need a team that “gets” you. If you’re ready to make the great leap, we should find out if your business and our approach are a good fit. If so, you can just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll give your audience something truly transformative.

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