How to Look 10 Years Younger and 10 LBS. Lighter on Camera

Yes, the camera can be your more than one way.


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Our video and web technology series on how to do all the stuff that we make look way easier than it least the first time. We produce these at least once a month, alternating with...


Our series on how work with the most amazing software and hardware on the planet; your own mind, body and spirit. When you're operating on all cylinders inside, it shows on the outside. But you can't do that unless you know how you work. This series goes deeply into all the factors that make for a great on-camera performance.


It's not just about great videos. Although that would be more than worth the $5/month.

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I am always amazed that you can create clear understanding in a minute or so that takes semesters at art/design school. Thanks!

Carl Street
Carl Street

Steve, I love how easy you make it! Not only does it LOOK easy, but when you give us not only the info, but the template, it's just about irresistible! Now all I have to do it finish the changes to my website, so that I can get the same look!

Allison Rapp
Allison Rapp Feldy Mentor

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