This is part 2 of our video series on the Holy Grail of getting more YouTube views for your business-related videos.

(Yes, the scary-looking man who seems to be screaming about nothing in particular is me. Why would I use such a nutty thumbnail? Because the other two choices were worse 🙂

Anyway, in part 1 we looked at the first top 10 techniques.

I’ve saved the best for last.

And they do work. I’ve been using them and so have my students and we’ve all seen great results; several hundreds and sometimes thousands of views where they used to be only in the single digits; unfortunately what most YouTube videos get.

OK. Settle back and enjoy the conclusion of “19 Ways to Grow An Audience For Your Videos”

    6 replies to "19 Strategies For Growing Your Audience – Pt. 2"

    • Zander

      Yummy content, Steve, as always!
      Amazing how far my appreciation has grown for things which used to be invisible – like your technically effortless-looking production. I suppose it’s made that way because I’m so impressed with how you can make me giggle! (and jealous of your ability to do this so smoothly)

    • admin

      Thanks for those very kind words, Zander!

    • sean breslin

      I’m looking forward to your new product Steve, I’ve be giving serious thought to diving deep into video and your training is getting more and more interesting! My research keeps bringing me back here 🙂

      • admin

        Thanks, Sean! Glad to be of service.

    • Shama Kern

      Excellent and informative video – thanks!

      • admin

        Well thanks, Shama! Your videos are getting better all the time and now I hope these tips will help get a bigger audience for them.

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