There’s a lot of searching for answers to questions right now.

There’s far less questioning of the answers than there should be.

The thing is, you just won’t feel quite right about broadcasting your message until you ask the right questions of yourself.

Here are 3 of my favorites, especially for right now.

    9 replies to "3 Questions to Beat the Bizocalypse"

    • Mike Kelly

      Hi Steve:

      I want to register for the Greenscreen Clinic, but the register link takes me to a book download. Is the clinic full?


      • Steven Washer

        Whoops. Sorry, Mike. It seems the page reverted to something else. It’s been fixed now, so you can register if you like.

    • Tom Hailey

      What an insightful message. Thank you.

      And I just now registered for the Green Screen Clinic. I appreciate that you are offering this.

      • Steven Washer

        See you there, Tom! 🙂

    • Jeff Baum

      Hey Steve,

      Great message today that transcends video and, in some cases, even transcends business.

      I felt it was so important that I transcribed your three questions, plus a fourth that you posed at the end of the video. Figured I would post them here, for others that may feel similarly and want an artifact from your message today that may be helpful to enact change.

      1. How can the thing that I am so attracted to doing bring value into the world for a certain kind of person willing to pay for it?
      2. Out of all the people that can pay, who will get the most out of it… what are they trying to do that my skills can help with the most?
      3. For whom is it the biggest win to have you on their side, where your support means they more deeply feel the result you helped bring about?
      4. Why have I been putting so much value on the things that make me so miserable trying to get?


      • Steven Washer

        What a thoughtful act. Thank you, Jeff!

    • Nancy Dadami

      Thank you, Steve.
      I copied Jeff’s list and will be working on those questions.
      I am reinventing or pivoting my business now.

    • John Pavon

      Great Video, I would lose the talking to the toy girl, You give examples of Lama’s but not about your business? I watched your earlier videos, so
      I have some idea of what you do but watching the video for the first time, one might get confused. Converting a brick and m. to online worked for most business, except for some. My business is about a product and products. I find the expenses for creating professional quality online experience way too expensive, stiff and out of touch with the buyers. JP

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks for your comment, John. We primarily help service businesses here.

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