A lot of people don’t use music in their Coach videos because they’re unsure of how to do it. Too many use music wrong, wrong, wrong.

Here’s the right way to open your videos so that you get an instant subconscious credibility boost.


Last week you spoke loud and clear about what you were looking for. And because of that, I’m finally going to make something available to you that I’ve kept under wraps for almost 3 years. Why? Well, more on that next week, but I just wanted to say thank you for telling me how to help you get great using video in your marketing.

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    10 replies to "A simple surprising credibility boost for your video marketing"

    • Tomar

      The sound cut out at :48 – oh dear! Is it me or a glitch in the video? I want to hear this one, too.

    • Sharon

      Yes, I too was bummed to lose audio right at the beginning! Techno-glitch…hope you can fix it soon, Steve, I too was anxious to hear this one. Thanks!

    • Steven Washer

      Wow. Thanks for the alert. I’m re-encoding and will have the new one up shortly. Sorry!

    • Ken Pike

      Thanks Steve, for another great, informative video!
      (The sound now nicely fades at about :58-9, so I guess I heard the video later 🙂 )
      The message really got home listening to the video a second time – where I was being more attentive to the sound transitions…

      • Steven Washer

        Yep. YouTube totally messed up the encode when I uploaded the video, so we’re using Vimeo today.

        It’s good to have a Plan B, but it’s better to test, isn’t it? ;(

    • Tomar

      Great work, Steve. So I guess it’s important to upload to Vimeo too? I still have never done any video *editing* or adding music… more learning curves looming ahead But I’d like to make that a goal since I love, love, love being creative in any ways I can! I love all your tutorials – the most fun for the info!

      • Steven Washer

        You don’t have to upload to Vimeo. You could just check your work before blasting it out to the world! :))

        Editing can be lots of fun and very, very creative.

        • Tomar

          Very, very creative is an understatement – when it comes to YOUR editing!!

    • Patti Kessler

      This video was so well done! I really appreciate the examples at the beginning showing incorrect & correct transitions with the music. They were subtle AND made such a big difference! Thanks, Steve.
      Patti Kessler

      • Steven Washer

        It’s kind of amazing how the little things become very important. That’s why whenever I hear “don’t sweat the small stuff” I worry that people will take it too literally. In video, it’s almost all about the small stuff!

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