endless-ideas-for-video-blogging225What do I say in my video that would be interesting? Have you ever heard that tune in your head? If so, prepare to have it put on mute…forever.

A bold claim? Not as long as you do what’s in this video. If you do, we can promise that you’ll never again run out of things to talk about in your videos.

The best part is that you’ll be able to do it creatively, which makes you memorable.

Do check it out.

This is also Pt. 2 of a 4 part series we’ve made to introduce a new course, soon to be released, called Lucrative Video Blogging. Juicy details to come…

By the way, here’s Pt. 1:

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    • Shama

      You two do make a great team. Steve, you were always (well, at least since I know you) good with your camera presentations, but now in this case one and one makes four. I am just wondering how you filmed the bit when you were walking down the isle in the store. Did you have a camera person or did you mount the camera on the shopping cart?

    • Steven Washer

      Thanks, Shama! I like the idea that we can change the laws of math. 🙂

      We just sat the phone inside the shopping cart. I think we used our coats to stabilize it as much as possible. In any case, it was quite improvised. The point is that almost all of this can always be done alone.

      • Shama

        So if the phone was in the shopping cart, you would have looked down, but you looked straight up as if the camera was at eye level. How did you manage to do that?

        • Steven Washer

          We were looking down. Remember, the iPhone is effectively on wide angle all the time unless you change it, so the low angle effect is minimized, but definitely still there.

    • Violette Clark

      Thank you so much Steve for this wonderful video – i was delighted to see Jaeny working with you! She hails from my part of the world. I must say you both work so well together!


      • Steve

        Glad you enjoyed it, Violette. Jaeny is one of the sharpest video people it’s ever been my pleasure to work with. Must be something about the air in Vancouver, eh? 🙂

    • Jaime Espiritu

      I can’t wait for the new course. It’s just in time! I’ve planning a video blog for quite sometime and your course is timely. I can’t wait to get started on the new course!

      • Steve

        Thanks, Jaime! We’re excited to bring it into the world. 🙂

    • David Cunningham

      This is a great video, I loved it. Also I wanted to let you know I referenced this video in my blog about the anatomy of video blogging and linked back here to it. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Rodney C. Davis

      Did you guys working from a script? Or were you just winging it? Notes?

    • Steve

      No notes, no script, no luxuries like that. When you’re on location, structure is everything. 😉

      Of course, we did more than one take, which is normal. In fact, I feel a new video coming on about that. 😉

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