I’ve been thinking about the election in the U.S.

I know. But it’s not what you think. There’s something amazing about it, about you, and about this time in history, especially if you’re a Boomer.

This isn’t the beginning of the end. It’s the end of the beginning. And you aren’t meant to be a passenger on this sinking ship of state.

What you are meant to be is something much different. And now is the time to understand this…in your bones.

I wonder if you’ll agree.

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    • Patrick Mayfield

      I’m inclined to agree. Politics is in such a mess, it’s not where the real action is. And it can make us all feel like victims, whichever side of the divide we fall. And that’s a lie.
      We live in a unique moment in history where technology enables us to do so much.
      Yours, from the UK, where we don’t even have a vote about the next leader of the Western Superpower.

      • Steven

        That’s OK, Patrick. Neither do we. (Oo. Did I just say that out loud?)

    • John Fudens

      Well done Steve even being so diplomatic about the choice of words. This country is already a train wreck and has gone over the cliff. Only question is how far is the fall. Any way will take more than video (although that is a major asset) to bring us back but certainly a start. Smart people are preparing in other aspects of their lives. Slowly but surely going over all your videos and unpacking the equipment you recommended. Shortly will take the first step and take the camera outside and do some shooting of horses etc. Will keep you posted on how I do. Thanks for all you do and are trying to do to make a difference with people. John

      • Steven

        As Guy Finley says “Do what you can and refuse to do what you cannot”. This sometimes keeps me from letting things get too out of balance.

    • Allan

      I watched this twice, and will be showing to my friends. Very insightful and inspiring perspective on the future of my generation (Im 59). Thank you for sharing!

      • Steven

        Yes, we fogies need to stick together!

    • Melinda

      Great positive video in these stressful times. Thanks, Steve.

      • Steven

        A pleasure. And a bit of self-therapy perhaps…

    • Josh Popenoe

      Well said, Steve, poetic even.


    • Nancy

      Steve, thanks so much for the Boomer Pep Talk!

      I find age-ism is the last of the “isms” to transmute, and it’s just as nasty and debilitating as any of the other “isms.”

      Part of the problem is that we Boomers were dominant in our worlds for so long. We are slow and often shy to stand back up in the midst of prejudice, shake ourselves off, adjust the lighting on our wrinkles as best we can, and take our visible place of authority in a world that thinks it doesn’t need us here any more.

      It really is important that we acknowledge and support one another into the digital and visible paradigm of business. We need to demo the fact that there is more to Boomers than the infirm and the Boll Weevils.

      I do agree that video can play a significant role in that business and personal rallying. I appreciate your style and dedication to both the technical education and also your modeling of what is possible.

      • Steven

        Hard to argue with this, Nancy. You nailed it.

    • Kevin Wright

      Totally agree. It is a timeless message. We make our own circumstances whatever is going on around us. Embrace and be the change. I think i have heard that somewhere else in history.
      Thanks for the heads-up

      • Steven

        Thank YOU, Kevin!

    • Edward Rapka

      Steven Washer is a rarity in today’s super-charged society: a charming, affable, knowledgeable, motivated and motivating teacher/entrepreneur. In this video he’s not selling anything — well, nothing except a renewed hope for your future. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boomer or a Millennial, or which candidate or party platform you’ve hitched your star to… if up ahead the bridge has been washed out. Listening to him I recall once hearing that the only way off the horns of a dilemma is to find the third alternative. I’m also reminded of the movie “Silver Streak” where things get totally bugfuck, everything drops out of control, and disaster looms inevitable because there’s no one left at the throttle — and everyman Gene Wilder realizes the only hope of survival is to uncouple himself and the people he cares about and let the laws of inertia play out as they will…

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