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A wise man (I think it was Maharishi) once said “Everything in life is designed to take you off your path.” Learning to make great video is a conscious path. With all of the distractions out there, it’s nice to come back here and get a little reinforcement for what you’re doing. All of these articles will lead you into a new world that has, until now, been solely occupied by gatekeepers and professionals. In these pages you’ll learn those well-guarded secrets that will take your productions from “Blah” to “Ah-Hah!” But it will still take you a while to integrate all this knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Click away. If you like the articles, you can insure that you’ll get more of them by subscribing to the Free BrainyVideo.com newsletter by clicking the button over on the right. Steve sig Steven Washer – Executive Producer P.S. If anything on this website bugs you, please let me know so I can fix it for you. Nothing is too small or too large a matter. If you don’t complain I might never know and it might never get fixed. If it’s in my power to do so, though, I certainly will.
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