You know, these product launches I bring you from time to time have a high degree of correlation with internet-based companies. That’s natural. These are the companies that live or die by their web strategy. So they take risks on techniques that you may have never thought of.

But it’s learning about what people outside of your industry do that will make you more successful. The greatest proponent of this way of studying business is Jay Abraham. If you haven’t heard of this gentlemen, you’re not even reading this, so on second thought why did I bring that up?

Enough prattling. Here’s the link to a video that brought a 60% opt-in rate and 15,000 views before they stopped reporting statistics to the video producer:

I repeat: it isn’t the product that is so important here. It’s the fact that a very inexpensive form of attraction created a magnificent ROI for the company that commissioned it.

How will you create ROI today?

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