Validating Your Assumptions and Reducing Your Risk

The old rip against using video for marketing was that it was impossible to measure.

Sure, you could check your analytics provided by your online service provider to see if anyone clicked on the link to your video, but that was about it. Well, the world has turned one or two times since then and the tools available to you now are breathtaking in both scope and depth.

For instance, did you know that you can track whether someone increases the volume on a video? That might tell you that the volume was too low to begin with and is making it too difficult for visitors to watch.

You can track average viewing times and individual viewing times. This lets you know whether that 2-minute limit means anything or is just internet folklore.

You can measure audience loss and where the viewers are coming from, both from a referring site perspective and a geographic perspective. If the majority of your viewers come from a certain gepgrapic area, you can match those views with a postcard campaign and get it right down to the zipcodes most likely to respond to your offer.

You can know exactly how many viewed your video from beginning to end and exactly where they stopped watching. This can let you know how to build a better video from beginning to end, one that maintains the viewers attention until your entire message is given.

You can even know if they rewound and watched a section more than once! This lets you know where the strongest part of your message actually resides.

The implications are staggering. Where once making a video was based more on intuition and content needs, it can now be measured to the nth degree. We will know for sure that what we thought was the grabber really was, or we’ll find out that we were hopelessly wrong and misguided. In any event, the data will make us all stronger than we were, more successful than we hoped and help us all to grow our businesses while insuring that our messages are heard and responded to in the way we wish.

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