My friend Phil has been very successful in his career. He once told me that who you’ll be in 5 years will be determined by the books you read and the people you hang out with. He is so right, and his business has more than proved it. So I would like to share with you now an extraordinary idea that, since I read about it just a few years ago, has been completely transformative. I’ll try to encapsulate it with an example. So, let’s take the need to help your business grow. What gets in the way?

Every single day we’re we’re told it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Many successful people will tell you how important it is to fight your way to the top, elbow out your competitors, play dirty tricks if you have to, whatever it takes. They know.

Well…The truth is, another approach that works just as well is sort of the opposite of competing in this fashion, but for all the right hard-headed reasons. What’s more, if you can own this idea, your blood pressure may drop, your thinking will get more creative, you’ll become more resourceful and ultimately achieve most everything you’ve ever wanted. And no, the opposite of competition is most certainly not in letting your business go to seed from lack of attention.

But neither is the secret of success in being more brutal than your competitor.

The secret is to lift yourself out of the competitive arena completely and deposit yourself onto the creative plane.

Say what?

In the competitive realm your business success is limited by brute strength, street smarts, and ultimately, by how committed one is to protecting one’s pile of chips from the mongol hordes coming after them. Only a select few are that lucky or emotionally dead enough to affix themselves to the top of that slag heap. With this competitive philosophy, even when you win, you lose.

It’s not that the world doesn’t benefit from the efforts of those who, by strength and stealth, corner the market on something or other, or that competition doesn’t give you the incentive to sharpen your craft, but it’s no way to create a sustainable winning streak.

In the creative realm, you’re limited only by your thoughts and the necessary actions you take to create products for your client or your company.

If you can hold, in gratitude, the thought that you are getting what you want, and do all you can do each day, in a successful manner, there is no way the universe will hold anything back from you. Because there is no actual lack in the universe. The lack is in your thoughts and from the way you’ve been trained to think. You can train yourself to think differently.

And in 2011, you must.

So what does this mean for your marketing? Simple. All you need to do is employ tools that will lift you out of the competitive arena and allow you entrance into the creative. It’s all about expressing your unique abilities and value so that you are no longer actually competing against anyone. One such logical tool is video.

What simpler way is there of revealing how unique you are? It doesn’t matter if you sell the most commoditized product on earth. If you use video to reveal yourself in all your unique attributes and imperfections, all of a sudden there is a face to your business. You are not simply a widget with a price tag. You are a unique human being with whom other human beings will want to connect. Every human being, you ask?

Of course not, and that’s the beauty of it! Whether you think about it much or not, you have an ideal client, customer or patient in the back of your mind. Your video will attract those who want to do business with you and weed out those who don’t. Imagine how much time you can save when your customer self-selects and doesn’t need to be weeded out at the painful conclusion of a lengthy vetting process.

Video becomes your best attractor and makes it pretty tough for you to lose the sale when the call comes. All you have to do is be that guy or gal in the video and the deal is sealed. You don’t have to do anything sneaky. You don’t have to drive any hard bargains. All you have to do is be your best self.

And in doing so, you’ve placed yourself above your competition. You’ve created an identity that no one can duplicate. If you want to call that a smart, competitive strategy, I have no objection. I prefer to think of it as doing business on a higher plane. And the rewards to your health and your bottom line will be much sweeter.

Now that’s what I call a win!

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