Action-oriented companies are usually successful in the long run. But when supply-chain software provider Kinaxis determined that they really ought to have been further along after 12 years in business, they used video to explode their brand awareness. And, oh boy, did they ever!

Partnering with Second City, they dove into online video. They produced a series of comedy videos and distributed them to a number of video sharing sites and their YouTube channel. They started an email campaign to drive traffic to their own site, microsite and blog, where the videos live.

They then posted notices on professional networking and knowledge-sharing communities like LinkedIn, and toolbox, inviting users to view lighthearted videos featuring supply-chain humor.

All they wanted to do was get people to take one small step in their direction; request information or other interaction with the company.

They did all kinds of other things like inviting Twitter followers, sponsoring contests, putting out a share widget, RSS feeds and promotions for upcoming videos.

Result? Record volume of site traffic with new visitors accounting for 72% of all visitors in the month after launch. Search engine traffic shot up 72%. Whitepaper downloads grew 60%.

Here they are:

People like video. More importantly, people respond to video. If a supply-chain software company can make you laugh while you’re spending, what can your company do?

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