Equipment- How low can you really go?

Maybe not a Porsche. But a Saab in high gear? We all come from different backgrounds with different levels of income and different priorities for how to spend it. It may be that video is not high on your list right now, but you’d like to get your feet wet before jumping into the deep end. What if there was an absolute rock-bottom, nowhere to go but hell spending floor that could get you where you wanted, namely to the land of good video? Wouldn’t you want to know that? Sure you would! If you haven’t yet read the 1st article in this series, please read it now so that these recommendations make more sense. OK. Here we go. Recommendations follow for all equipment: Camera: You have to have a microphone input. That’s non-negotiable. You get that here. DV tape is cheap (about $3 for 63 minutes) and lasts forever. Yep. That’s here, too. Are there cameras cheaper than this? Yes, of course. Will they have an external jack for a mic? No. pic 1 Canon Optura 400 mini DV Camcorder Price: $349.00 p.s. The picture at the upper right says it all. Ergonomics over quality. That’s a sign as important to notice as the one at the beach saying “Beware of Sharks.” Tripod: Anything with a level on it from a discount store pic 2 Sunpak 2001UT Tripod w/3-way Pan/Tilt Price: $19.95 Microphone: Radioshack omnidirectional electret or similar product Price: $26.49pic 3 Hands-Free Tie-Clip Omnidirectional Electret   Lights: pic 4 Coleman Cable 05932 8-1/2 inch heavy duty reflector light Three instruments for $20? You can’t beat that. 450 watts is not too bad. You’ll have to rig up something to hang them from, but that won’t be a deal-killer. Also, you’ll have to get these lights pretty close in, so keep your set small. Finally, you may have to diffuse the light, so consider getting some wax paper and clothespins for the front of the light to knock down harsh shadows. Price: $19.99 Total Outlay: $415.43 The truth is, this setup will get you there. It will take a little longer and it might drive you nuts, but I think there may be a benefit in experiencing that, too. However, if the above is still beyond your means to beg, borrow or steal, you may want to take up something much less equipment-intensive. There’s just too much going on here technically. Remember the dentist from our earlier articles? We met him one day in real life and the next day we had this for him. When he saw and heard it he literally danced out the door like a leprechaun. Why? Because he knew the video spoke directly to his target profile, people who want to feel valued by their dentist. And they haven’t stopped calling since. When will you create something like this for your business?   Next Step: Read more Video-Excellence based articles. Gain a powerful video strategy using these lessons.
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