If you’ve ever wondered if there was an actual science to this video stuff, wonder no more. But stand in awe one more time at the abilities of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. NYU scientists have used an MRI to probe several willing subjects and discovered that certain styles of filmmaking have universal effects on human brain activity. The researchers determined that the more structured and intentional the construction of the video, the more soundly the viewer’s brain was controlled. But Hitchcock’s film scored much higher than anyone else’s. Hitchcock liked to tell interviewers that ‘creation is based on an exact science of audience reactions.’ As it turns out he meant what he said. When we studied Hitch in college, we learned that for him, the whole process of making a film was over once he had finished the storyboards, and the messy business of dealing with actors began. In other words, the plan was foremost in his mind at all times. And to the extent that his actors could achieve that ideal, he felt successful. Today, many people feel that too much planning stifles creativity in a video. I don’t think so. It may take a little longer to decide what you want to do, but as Abe Lincoln said “If you have 6 hours to chop down a tree, spend 5 of them sharpening your axe.” So it isn’t about mucking around and wasting time. It’s about using your time in a way that will make you happy down the line. Don’t be in too much of a rush to make your video. Planning worked for Hitchcock and preparation worked for Lincoln. Sounds like a happy ending to me. Next Step: Read more Video-Excellence based articles. Gain a powerful video strategy using these lessons.
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