The Power of Video at Any Age

If you've ever felt excused, dismissed, ignored or otherwise set aside because of your age, this is for you. We know that age discrimination feels like a real thing, but


The Missing Link in Attraction

Every day people make business videos in hopes that other people will take action after watching them. That's a steep hill to climb. Think how tough it is to get

How To Be Your Own Best Copywriter

They say copywriting for video is no different than for text. Maybe they're right, but that's only after they've effectively turned the video INTO text. This may sound a little crazy in

Two Authority Numbers for 2020

Your business generates a lot of numbers. Most of them are noise. Two of them are vital. Here are the two numbers, why they're so important, and why, if you

The ROI of Time

First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and/or Happy Solstice! I wanted to share something with you today from our recent 1,500 mile cross-country trip. Why drive instead of fly?

The Magic of Thinking (NOT)

If you're OK going through life grasping for money, this video is not for you.This is for those who understand that a life unobserved is a life wasted. By the