The 3 Critical Attraction Videos

If your business focuses on attracting customers rather than persuading them to buy, you've set the stage for healthy growth and much happier customers. To do this you only need 3

How to Give Elegance to a Webcam

Who says using a webcam has to make you look clunky and raw? Treated right, you can get a simple elegance to your webcam videos. And NONE of the little

How to Make Your Videos Believable

Authorities are nothing if not believable. And then they go and make a video and the whole thing can be put into doubt. But it doesn’t have to be. After coaching

What Speed Does Money Love?

Who hasn't heard the expression "Money Loves Speed"? Kind of an obscure answer to a question no one asked, really. But it always bothered me, even from the time I

The Best Reason to Make Videos

If your business helps people do, be or have something they would find daunting to get on their own, you're the luckiest person in the world. Why? Because the universe itself

How to Sell More With Humor

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't sell with humor. That it's too delicate, too easy to get wrong, too easy to overdo, and too hard to get right. Nonsense! We