27 kinds of videos you can make today

There's a video for every use case. Find yours inside!


Attraction v. Persuasion

There are sometimes amusing and frustrating consequences in not following the crowd. Recently I changed my whole opt-in process. I decided I wanted to do 5 new things at once....

The Initiation Series

If you want a really fast car, take your time designing it. If you want to make sales fast, take your time designing a path of attraction. It’s that simple and that...

When You Need Content Ideas Fast

Of all the content marketing “strategies”, consistency is the most powerful. But just knowing that doesn’t necessarily help you get it done. And help is hard...

The Saloon Door

Do you know someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and also needs to do a bit of marketing? Other than me, I suppose. If so, you’ll be doing a kindness to watch...

How to Get All The Views You Want Now

Videos with lots of YouTube views seem to get more respect and carry more authority. The trick is getting them in the first place. But recently it has become, well…less...

The Advisor’s Ultimate Sales Video

What if you could use your teaching videos to sell, or vice-versa? There’s a big advantage to doing this, and I’m not talking about efficiency. And it’s just...
Visible Authority

27 Videos. Let’s Get Started.

I’m excited because it’s been a couple of weeks and I have a lot to share with you today! OK, so in all the time you’ve known me have I ever recommended anything...