27 kinds of videos you can make today

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The Enchanted Path to Your Business

Marketing gurus say to show up big every few months and somehow overwhelm all the buying resistance. But watch what they do. They show up every week; sometimes daily. That...

The Big Idea Antenna

If you want to begin projecting your inner authority, but haven’t yet launched a series, you might find this approach refreshing. I call it the Big Self, and it makes coming...

The Great Somewhere Else Machine

This is not a complaint against YouTube. YouTube has been very good to me. The only video of mine they ever took down was one where I talked about why it wasn’t a good idea to...

How to Make Your Teaching Sticky

TIPS, TIPS EVERYWHERE, BUT NOTHING TO STICK You can shake a stick, you can stick a landing, but you can’t make your teaching stick unless you say no to sticking to the...

Marketing Magic From Merlin

Merlin wasn’t just a magician. He was also a master marketer…and strategist. Everything he did flew under the radar, yet always hit his target with perfect...

On Wins and Losses

Do the wins sometimes feel too small while the losses feel overly big? Then this week’s Tao video is for you. Of all the Tao videos so far, this is the one most likely...