What if You Could Create Inspiring Content-On-Demand?

When the right people know what you’re all about, what you can do for them, and that there is no one like you out there, the path to becoming your client is nearly complete.

And I have never found a better way of walking someone down that path than by producing helpful content in a consistent way. And I’ve spent a good portion of that time working out how to create it on demand.

It used to take me a week to finish, from conception of the idea to production. And then I wasn’t always thrilled with the result. Over time I learned that the reason for all this stop-and-go nonsense was that I had no content strategy. That may sound facile, but it’s true.

Sure, I knew what I wanted that one video to do, but each one took far too long to produce and still hold to the standards of quality I demand from myself. The problem was that there was never any goal but that one piece of content, and it was driven by whatever I happened to be working on at the time.

Without guiding principles, I had created a mish-mash of topics that took too long to create and were not unified in their focus. This created confusion on the part of my viewers. They didn’t really know what I stood for. And my creation was inconsistent, which was not a good way to inspire trust.

Then I decided to look deeper into this whole content conundrum and found that there were really only a few core themes to my business, and anyone’s business for that matter. And I started creating content based on those themes.

My creation time was soon cut by a factor of 7. I could now confidently conceive, write and produce a pretty good video in just a few hours, including the optimizing, blog design, thumbnail creation and email announcement. This left all kinds of time to do other things, like help clients with big problems.

The strategy contained a set of themes, a set of topics and a set of beliefs. When put together in the right way, they inspire instant confidence that what you’re about to create will be the right stuff.

And you can do this over and over again, whenever you want.

Out of this journey I created The Video Launch Code, which gives people the skill and confidence to create video content on demand. And if you are committed to using video, it’s quite helpful.

In the Content Strategy Module of The Video Launch Code I’ve been privileged to see the lights go on for many business owners. This is by far the most exciting aspect of what I do with people.

One minute they’re completely confused. The next minute they’re enlightened. Their frowns are replaced by a moment of silence, then a slowly spreading grin of recognition in the vast storehouse of knowledge they’ve built over the years, and the way in which they can now leverage their knowledge and experience.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And one day I realized that even if one doesn’t know how to make a video, if they’re confident in their ability to quickly create helpful content, they’ll be far closer to creating their own Content Carousel than perhaps anyone else in their niche.

When one has total confidence in their ability to produce highly effective videos, blog posts or articles, they become unstoppable.

The Content Carousel doesn’t need video to work. It only needs good and consistent content. Learning how to create it is the key to having a simple and effective marketing system.

I’ll soon be taking a group of people through a journey of creation by way of a webinar. If this sounds like a skill you’d like to own, please consider this your cordial invitation to participate.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday at 7PM ET. The price is $47. Your admission will give you forever access to the content, and live questions will be warmly welcomed as we work through each person’s themes, topics and beliefs.

Until then…