Our vacation had been cut short by a death in the family. On Friday I was hastily summoned to my mother-in-law’s hospice bed. She was 88, but told everyone she was 87. (I used to kid her on sticking to her policy that a real lady never tells her true age.)

Her organs had mostly shut down, but she could still hear, so I shared with her a description of a beautiful mountain sunrise and its spiritual symbolism. Five minutes later she silently slipped the surly bonds of earth.

What a difference a day makes.

One day before, our British friends had declared their independence from an unelected and unaccountable group of b-eurocrats, much as a feisty group of Americans did back in the 18th century.

That makes this vote one of the most important cast by Britons in the last hundred years.

What a difference a day makes.

What will our friends across the pond do with their rediscovered sovereignty? Only time will tell. But any whiff of freedom is a good thing. And it won’t go away easily. Even if they become panicked by its unfamiliar scent and slam the windows down again to keep out the terrorist bogeymen, the sweet aroma of liberty will continue to hang in the air, like a courtesan’s perfume after a state dinner.

But let’s talk business. Today I’m thinking about my summer shooting hiatus, choosing the right replays…and the future of your marketing.

It was the Brexit that got me thinking about a video I made a while back.

In 2012 I predicted that nationalist fervor would actually increase until 2023. Roy Williams and Michael Drew, authors of The Pendulum, refer to it as something like “I’m OK, I’m not so sure about you”.

And now a major milestone along these lines has just been hit, leaving in its wake a startled gaggle of Swedes, Austrians and Germans wondering why they aren’t jumping on freedom’s rickety bandwagon.

Anyway, that video needs to be watched again in light of these historic events. It shows you how to talk to groups of people during this utterly unique time, and as you make your decisions, keep this in mind: video has the ability to cross borders, smash boundaries and change minds and hearts.

What does this mean? I think what it means is that you have the power to declare your own independence.

So, for what it’s worth, a video guide for the bold and the curious…

    7 replies to "Motoring through the cycle of death and birth"

    • Chris Moore

      You have got me really thinking now. Trying to be an authority in my field makes me look very wooden.
      I think I’ll just be me, faults and all, at least I won’t be wooden.
      Thanks Steve

      • Steve

        Perhaps it’s enough to be an expert with something unique to say and let others give you the authority title.

        • Karyn

          I LOVE your response! It takes the pressure off and is a humble attitude. Just give, be REAL and unique and the right people will get your message and follow. 🙂

    • Melinda

      Great video, Steve and the concepts are as important today as when you made the video. Thanks for re-posting and have a great summer hiatus.

      • Steve

        Thanks, Melinda! Hope you’re having a great summer as well!

    • Anne Boyes

      Yes, yes and yes! Thank you. And prayers for your mother in law and all who mourn her. Peace.

      • Steven

        And to you, Anne.

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