When You're In Over Your Head...

It's Good to Ask For Help

I'd be the first to say that maybe you can do this by yourself. After all, with a hundred tutorials available for free right on this website, why not study up a bit, throw caution to the wind and put yourself out there for all to see?

And in some markets you can not only get away with that, you maybe should! For instance, internet marketing people will tell you that selling information is all about the information, presentation be damned. In fact, they'll tell you to make the video look bad so no one will feel like you're trying to be better than them.

To me it's unthinkable that my fate should hang on what a scared and envious person might think. So I arrange my life...differently.

Here's my point. You may be able to walk there someday, even without a compass, or take take a year or two by train...

And then then there's getting all the way to your destination in a month or two, by Rolls Royce.

Sometimes those who have found their inner authority, or who at least have found out where it's located, don't want to take the slowest possible route to presenting it to the market.

And I want to support that. So I've developed a simple program called Director's Notes.

I've been analyzing videos for years now, and can tell almost at a glance, how a video was made, exactly what it needs, and what the video creator should do to make the next one a home run, especially for an image-conscious market.

Having that track to run on bolsters your confidence and avoids disappointment down the road. More importantly it gets you to your goal much, much faster. It's one of the few shortcuts I endorse.

Here's how it works...

You make a video, put it online, send me the link, select a time from my calendar, then you and I go over it in detail. I tell you precisely what you need to work on to make videos that land with authority, then we determine your best course of action going forward.

Who is this for?

This is for those who have, or are in the process of, investing in professional equipment to make their own videos. We're talking DSLR cameras with good lenses, video cameras like the Sony AX-100, soft box lighting, and wireless microphones.

It's too often the case that simply making these purchases doesn't actually solve the problems they were meant to solve, because using this level of equipment introduces a layer of complexity that most people aren't quite ready to tackle on their own.

This becomes a drag on one's ability to make the kinds of videos one ought to be making.

Director's Notes was created to solve these problems and give you a big leap forward as well.

What do you get?

Answers. Clarity. Confidence. It takes a while to unfold. In fact, we'll talk for up to 120 minutes. Here's what you'll walk away with...

  • The videos you should be making
  • The lights you need and how to place them
  • Mics that will be right for you, if needed
  • The best backgrounds, or how to convert the one you have
  • How to relax into Authority presence
  • How to edit your videos
  • How to weave your videos into powerful campaigns

I know that's a lot to do. But imagine how long this would take entirely on your own. Using this service could cut years off your learning curve.

The session takes around 2 hours and is $495.

Once you've entered your credit card information, you'll want to book your appointment. Here's the link to my calendar:

Book My Director's Notes Session

Wishing you a virtual mountain of whatever success means to you, and should our paths cross soon, I'll be honored to help you achieve it.

Wednesdays at 9:30AM EST