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Flatten the Learning Curve...Speed Your Results

More and more today, people are feeling the need to not only discover the sense of their own authority, but project it into the marketplace.

Many times when they have discovered it, or at least have found out where it's located, don't want to take the slowest possible route to presenting it to the market.

And my mission is to support that. One of the ways I can help those people make big advances in a short period of time using video, is through a program I've developed called Director's Notes.

I've been analyzing videos for years now, and can tell, almost at a glance, how a video was made, exactly what it needs, and what the video creator should do to make the next one a home run, especially for an image-conscious market.

Having that track to run on bolsters your confidence and avoids disappointment down the road. More importantly it gets you to your goal much, much faster. It's one of the few shortcuts I endorse.

Here's how it works...

You make a video, put it online, send me the link, select a time from my calendar, then you and I go over it in detail. I tell you precisely what you need to work on to make videos that land with authority, then we determine your best course of action going forward.

Who is this for?

This is for those who have, or are in the process of, investing in professional equipment to make their own videos. We're talking DSLR cameras with good lenses, video cameras like the Sony AX-100, soft box lighting, and wireless microphones.

It's too often the case that simply making these purchases doesn't actually solve the problems they were meant to solve, because using this level of equipment introduces a layer of complexity that most people aren't quite ready to tackle on their own.

This becomes a drag on one's ability to make the kinds of videos one ought to be making.

Director's Notes was created to solve these problems and give you a big leap forward as well.

What do you get?

Answers. Clarity. Confidence. It takes a while to unfold. We'll talk for 45 minutes, long enough for you to get what you came for. Here's what you'll walk away with...

  • The best videos for you to make at this time
  • The lights you need and how to place them
  • Mics that will be right for you, if needed
  • The best backgrounds, or how to convert the one you have
  • How to relax into your Authority presence
  • How to edit your videos
  • How to weave your videos into powerful campaigns

Using this service could cut years off your learning curve.

The Director's Notes session takes around 2 hours and is $495.

Now, there are some people who download The First 20 Seconds ebook because they're absolutely ready to move, and I want to make sure those people are properly supported.

So in this instance, the Director's Notes session is complementary. That's right. Completely free.

If this interests you as well, you should know there's only one condition. You need to upload the video you want diagnosed within 2 weeks from the day you download the ebook, then put yourself on my schedule. And, of course, include a link to your video.

It's also important to know that this is a once in a lifetime offer.

You can certainly register for the service after 2 weeks, but your coupon code will no longer work.

So here's the coupon code, good for two weeks from today:


And here's the link to my calendar:

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I wish you a virtual mountain of however you define success, and should our paths cross soon, I'll be honored to help you achieve it.

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