The Video-Based Client Attraction System

Everything You Must Do With Video
to Build a Visible Empire

Of all the ways you can make yourself visible, none is potentially more effective than video. And if you are in a business that must attract clients, that power is amplified yet again.

You already know this. Perhaps that’s why you’ve decided to use video to establish authority and expertise in your market.

And by now you’ve learned the dangers that attend doing it poorly.

Bad lighting, bad sound, rambly scripts, stiff performance, lack of an online infrastructure for advertising, to facilitate opt-ins, distribute content, schedule consultations, or take payments; all these build an image of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

And that kills your authority

However, when that system is solidly in place, with the kinds of videos that break through the noise in an image-conscious market, your ability to attract the kinds of clients you want is a foregone conclusion.

If you read the following description of what goes into this system, you’ll recognize exactly where you are, and you’ll know precisely where to hammer in your pitons to scale this exciting mountain.

You’ll also finally know how long this entire process should take from start to finish.

How to read the following sequence

Each week should be thought of as part of a mini-sequence, based on how your business is already operating.

Those businesses that have Weeks 1 through 3 already worked out will make the fastest progress, simply because all they have to do is adapt what they already know to video. They’re more than halfway up the mountain.

If the work that takes place during these first few weeks has not been deeply thought out and implemented, any additional work on these kinds of videos would be premature and thus prone to breakdown.

So…with that one caveat in mind, enjoy the climb!

Base Camp

Answering the REALLY big questions...What and Who

Week One

The Simplest Business Plan Ever

In this period, you dig into the ultimate value that you bring to a customer. From all the things you do, which are the ones they value the most initially? Which are the ones most valuable over time?

Make a list of 3 or 4 value propositions that have “legs”. In other words, they’re deep enough to provide endless material for content marketing, but simple enough to use in a one minute elevator speech.

Create a high-level diagram of what your business looks like; what you sell and at what price points, how people come into your world, and how you communicate with them.


The simpler the business plan, the better!

Once you have this understanding, you’re ready to move to the next phase.

Week Two

What are your Results?

Selling is what happens when you lose clarity

When you're clear on your RESULT, you never over-promise.

In this phase, you decide who your main client is and how you will talk to them.

This is tricky.

Some service providers, or their sales teams, are willing to twist arms and pressure beginners to join their high-dollar programs, and some of these inexperienced climbers may indeed join, mistaking their ability to find money with an ability to profit from the work, but without the heightened senses that come from hard-won experience, they miss the subtle cues that would shout to a more experienced climber that they are about to be buried by an avalanche.

Meanwhile, the ones who could actually benefit from the work will resist being sold to, so this whole strong-arm sales exercise is usually a futile effort in the long run.

What is desperately needed at this stage is clarity about the RESULT you can provide. If you aren’t willing to provide that result, you can afford to be squishy about what people get from you. You can put the onus on the client to get their own results.

But if you are clear about it, you keep yourself accountable, and you keep your client accountable, so you both profit from the relationship.

That means not over-promising, or mis-promising, or not promising at all. It means making a clear promise about what they should expect from you, phrased in a way that makes perfect sense to them.

Your system should be designed to automatically attract those who can’t be sold, and filter out those who would make a mistake by joining before they are ready.


Week Three

The Lead Magnet

Based on your previous work, this week you’ll create a lead magnet. This is critical to the success of the rest of your marketing.

So much has been written on the importance of the lead magnet that I will not bore you with any more details.

I will say this, though. The lead magnet will be the sexiest document you ever write. It will solve a problem that is extremely frustrating; that your audience thought might not even be able to be solved.

Jason Leister, master copywriter and platform expert to some the world’s biggest brands, has a lead magnet consisting of one sentence. But it solves a nasty problem for client-based businesses in 10 seconds, the problem of how to talk about your prices.

So do not discount any special knowledge or insight you may have about your field that no one else shares, or that you think everyone already knows.

Sometimes the best video is a pdf.

Everyone does NOT already know what you know. And even if everyone did, except for your future clients, well, that’s all that really counts, isn’t it?

Finally, you’ll decide if it should be a video or a pdf. If the video is under 5 minutes, then video is fine. If it’s over 5 minutes, you can break it into more than one video and use it later for something else.

With all of this clear in your mind, you can run, not walk, through the next phase...

The Sprint

Starting up the mountain isn’t too difficult,
but it still could leave you winded if you try to do too much too fast.

Week Four

Setting the Stage for Success

Set up your space for efficient shooting. Arrange lighting, get optimum audio settings, mic placement, background and/or foreground.

By the end of this week you will know precisely how to get the very best look you can get on camera.

Hint: Most of this week will probably be spent waiting for the right equipment to arrive.

Don’t know what equipment to order? You can use this document to make intelligent choices.

A LOT of hardware and software work well together. Acquire strategically!

Week Five

Deliberate Practice

You’ll put the foregoing into practice by shooting 3 very brief videos (30 sec. each) with different lighting and audio settings. By the 3rd video, the best settings will have been established and can be used for each video from then on.

By the end of this week you will have a technically polished looking video. It will look as though it was professionally shot.

Practice makes perfect. Deliberate practice makes it useful!

Into the Elements

Now you’re experiencing how the mountain wants to fight back.
Protect yourself with the right gear and the right internal systems.

Week Six

Video Editing

Here you’ll establish an editing routine – Create a template for all the videos. Choose two providers of still images, make music selections for a standard opening and close as well as internal music selections, create the opening branded animation, integrate graphics, music and live footage into a well-paced video.

By the end of this week you should know exactly how to edit your videos. You will see where you’ve made mistakes before you commit them to publication and be able to self-correct.

Some editing programs make it easier than others.
But they all have a learning curve. Plan accordingly.

Week Seven

Designing Your Videos

Writing for video is not just about the words. It’s also about being able to visualize how the video will look and sound to a viewer. So instead of focusing exclusively on copywriting, focus on seeing and hearing.

Ask yourself these questions:
What makes for a watchable video?
What unique properties of video will you use to get and keep the attention of your viewer all the way through your video?

By the end of this week you should have a much clearer idea of what they will be for you.

Video is more than writing. It's your chance to project uniqueness.

Week Eight

Writing the Videos for Your Platform

We recommend focusing on Coach Videos. These are the videos that make up your platform. The ones that establish you in the eyes of the audience you want to reach.

By the end of this week you will be confident that you can write for the video format. You’ll know how long the video will be, how to edit your writing for clarity and brevity, and what you must do to amp up the entertainment value, by using stories, images and metaphors in your writing.

Equal parts inspiration and instruction, nothing works better than the Coach video.

Week Nine

Writing Education-Based Marketing Videos

These are a series of videos that lead up to an Offer Video. These 3 videos build an airtight case of why your approach is the right approach in most circumstances. It is based on selecting 3 – 7 beliefs your prospects must have in order to want to work with you.

Using carefully crafted benefits and tight logical arguments, these videos educate your prospective client. By the end of these videos, they are ready to hear your practically irresistible offer.

Not just a set of videos, but an appreciating asset!

Week Ten

Writing the Offer Video

This is the sales video, and for your consultancy it will be one of the primary means by which you specifically invite future clients to get a consultation with you.

The structure of the offer video is based on answering the questions that were only partially answered in the EBM content videos that preceded it.

The Offer video makes a lop-sided value proposition on why the viewer should jump onto your calendar.

A low-risk, high reward proposition for your customer

The Ascent

You’re halfway up the mountain, and now you need to dig down deep
to find the internal resources that will get you the rest of the way.

Week Eleven

Video Charisma

No matter what else goes into a video, the #1 element is you. Your persona, therefore, is going to be at least 50% of the value of each video. So having the right energy and the right Role will be key to the success of all your videos.

For this phase I invite you to discover Master of Video Presence, where all these Roles and their various energies are explored in detail. You will make 3 or 4 one minute videos in various Roles, until you find the one that you most resonate with.

By the end of this week you will be comfortable with who you are on camera, and you’ll be able to go deeper into your persona with each subsequent video.

Your videos will have IMPACT when you show up with impact.

Into Thin Air

Three quarters of the way up you suddenly hit the wall.
Did you bring enough oxygen to last the rest of the climb?
That’s inspiration, passion, drive, and skill. If so, keep going. You’re almost there!

Weeks Twelve/Thirteen

Filming Your Launch Videos

Employing the knowledge gained in previous weeks, you’ll take these 2 weeks to shoot and edit all 4 of the launch videos.

It's always good to recruit some help for this week. Keeps you focused!


Payday. The top of the mountain. A thoroughly repeatable process.

Week Fourteen

Filming Your Coach Videos

During this week you’ll shoot your first Coach video for your platform. And you’ll do this every week for as long as your business is open. These are ideas you can write in about an hour and shoot in another hour once you've got your process down.

You will develop some calls to action that place your viewers into the 4-video funnel you developed in weeks 9 – 12.

This is the platform you'll develop for years.

Weeks Fifteen - Seventeen

Tying Your Online Properties Together

Audit your marketing systems and structure your videos as the main way you connect with the wider world. Each video becomes a link in the value chain you’ll be forging.

Make sure you’ve created the right kinds of landing pages, configured your autoresponder sequence, built ads and sales pages for prospective products, set up an online calendar for consultations, and integrated your payment processor.

By the end of this month you’ll be ready to receive new clients and customers through a video-based online attraction system.

By the conclusion of all this work you will be able to write, shoot and edit captivating videos and do it all in concentrated periods of time.

Ah, the interwebs...

These videos will establish you as a thought leader, communicate the authority you need to attract the right high-level clients, and you will succeed to the extent you are faithful to a schedule of content production that delivers on the promise of useful information, insightful analysis and consistent output.

What's Next For You?

If you would like help in creating this system, know that you’ve just read the curriculum for the Visible Empire Partnership Program.

Inside this program you’re exposed to all these concepts, then quickly develop the skills to carry them out. Every twist and turn of the climb is thoroughly examined for it’s ability to get you to the top.

There is never a moment when you are on your own. You receive expert instruction and guidance from someone who routinely visits the top of the mountain, and can get you there safely.

Here’s how it works…

We meet once per week…live…in a very small group.

Each group will likely have fewer than 6 members online at any time.

Each session may be up to 5 hours. We stay on for however long it takes until everyone has had all their current questions answered.

Each live training session will be recorded and made available to you in a secure online member’s area.

There is a private student forum where anything can be posted for feedback. It is not uncommon to see replies in the form of videos that demonstrate certain tactics.

In between our live sessions you will have unlimited email access.

Everyone who does not already own cameras, lights, editing programs, mics, etc. uses the same recommended hardware and software. We use the Mac platform and edit with Final Cut Pro.

We shoot with the Sony AX100 camera, as it’s the fastest route to the best possible image.

This combination of hardware and software demolishes the learning curve for beginners.

On the other hand, if you have experience with DSLRs, own your lights, mics, etc, then we encourage you to stay with your tools. The tools are only there to facilitate your message. We are not tool-centric, but skill centric. It’s simply easier and faster for our inexperienced students to learn on one platform.

How Does This Work?

Membership is by invitation. We need to first assess where all of our members are so we don’t inadvertently encourage them to wag the dog. If they are not far enough up the mountain, they may need to spend a little more time climbing before joining us.

To make absolutely sure you have the best chance of scaling to the top, we have a process that results in your getting total clarity on exactly where you stand on this mountain. If you’ve reached that plateau, the one where we start working with clients, you’ll know it.

If you haven’t quite made it there yet, we’ll recommend a good strategy to get you high enough up until the day arrives that we can revisit your progress.

Either way, you’ll know for sure. So if you’re ready to take this assessment, I invite you to schedule an appointment.


Wednesdays at 9:30AM EST