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In this action-packed clinic you'll learn...

  • Why the standard advice for a studio setup doesn't work and what does
  • How to do awesome greenscreen work in a ridiculously tiny space
  • The tools you need for YOUR space rather than someone else's space 
  • How to shoot greenscreen right no matter what camera you're using 
  • How to set up your editing program to give you an awesome result
  • How to make the process repeatable and not just easy, but super-easy

And much more, because we don't know yet the questions Steve will get from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Greenscreen Clinic?

June 19, 2020, with the replay posted the next day.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Since there’s no way to check if someone did the work before asking for a refund, and I don’t want to be hounding people, then no. If you don’t trust that I’ll give you good information, then please don’t register for this clinic.

Will I be able to ask all my questions?

Yes. This is primarily a Q&A format, so everyone learns from everyone’s questions and you can ask as many as you like. I will stay online until all your questions are answered.

I have a conflict on that day. May I send my questions in advance?

Yes, you may. And they will be answered in the session.

Will I have access to all the content forever and ever?

Of course. That’s standard operating procedure (SOP) at Visible Authority.

Will you be covering my editing program?

Right now we’re focused on Final Cut Pro for the Mac and Premiere Pro for the PC. We’re happy to field questions about other editing programs if we can, but we won’t be able to recommend settings for them. We may add them to future clinics when we’re sure you can get the same results from them as from these two programs.

How will the information be delivered?

We’ll use a live webinar format. Occasionally we’ll make someone visible for a hot seat, so make sure your webcam is fired up and ready.

You’ll also receive a transcript a few days after the event. Plus, every question that was addressed in the session will be hyperlinked in the video replay.

Have a question you don't see answered here?

Drop me a line at I’m happy to reply.

Register for the Greenscreen Clinic

Price: $49
Date and Time: Friday June 26, 2020
1PM ET - 4PM ET (and longer if necessary)

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