You can’t do web video marketing if you can’t make a video reliably…and frequently.

That’s what this series is all about.

In the last video we looked at a number of factors that go into creating this on-demand home video studio.

And now we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty. Just how are you going to do this video marketing hat trick?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll not only get great results, you’ll do so in a very small space.

But don’t take my word for it. Just watch and see how it works. 🙂

Here’s a copy of the planning questions.

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    The Studio Questions

    This handy guide will help you get all your questions answered (well, OK, most of them!) as you watch the video above.

Here’s an expanded list of items mentioned in the video, with prices and where they can be found.

Next steps: If you’re ready to build this out, you’ll need great greenscreen results. While having the right equipment is key, and putting it in the right place is fundamental, getting that result can still be a challenge. That’s where Easy Greenscreen Success comes in. Our registered members get this course with our compliments. If you would like the course, all you need to do is click here and become a member, too! Registration is also free.

Special Programming Note: If you’re looking for a less…ahem…extensive option for a super-efficient, yet high quality studio, you may enjoy the next episode quite a lot. I’ll be introducing  a method of doing the style of work you see here each week, but in a 2 ft. square space and for very little cost. This means you’ll be able to take your studio with you anywhere in the world and set it up in less than a minute.

This is important, because all of the simple set-ups I have seen in the past are too delicate, too fidgety, too unreliable, wrong-headed in creation, too costly for what they are, and too low-quality for me to recommend. So I just put one together myself with the ideas of rock-solid stability, simple operation and super-reliable quality output. It will give you almost all the benefits of greenscreen with none of the complexity. I can’t wait to share it with you!

    5 replies to "How to Set Up Your On-Demand Home Video Studio Pt. 2 of 2"

    • Shama

      I would like to contribute to the anecdotes of rigging up a green screen studio. This one is far more basic, but it works equally well. And you might a kick out of it. 🙂

      • Steven Washer

        I love it. And you’ve taken away every excuse for not building one! :))

        • James


          Thank you for sharing that 🙂
          It is mindbogglingly inspirational.
          I . Will . Do . It .

          Thanks too, Steven for your sharing your amazing greenscreen course that fills in the rest of the blanks.

          You gents are my heroes! =:¬D

    • John Z Wetmore

      Safety First. Put a sandbag on the base of that C-Stand to give it some stability to counteract the weight of the light at the end of the arm.

      • Steven Washer

        Right. We used to use a sandbag when there was a heavy softbox hanging on the end. But as happy as the little prolight seems out there on that over-built C-Stand, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to lay down the sandbag again.

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