We’re on the road this week and away from my usual setup for making video. Got no lights, got no camera, and got no green screen. All I got is a window in a hotel room and an iPhone…

…and a few “extras” in my glove compartment.

With these one can make a video “good enough” to offer something of real value.

So what is “good enough” when you have practically no infrastructure?

Just watch. Hopefully this is good enough to convince you! 🙂

    14 replies to "How Good is “Good Enough”?"

    • Cheryl

      Your sound and video quality are GREAT!!!!

      • Steven

        Thank you, Cheryl!

    • Tamara Alferoff

      Love your stuff, Steve!
      Were you using just the little mini-mic on your shirt, or somehow the more complex one that you showed us?

      • Steven

        I was using a wireless on my shirt so I could show you the wired version. I think the wireless is a tad more complex. 🙂

    • Josh

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks, and I second the question. Can you tell us and show us what wireless mic you’re using, both the broadcaster and receiver?


      • Steven

        I can show you the wireless when I get out of this rainstorm! For now I can tell you that it’s the Sony UWP series. Pretty pricey, but I’ve had it for a long time.

    • Eddie Oxedine

      K.I.S.S. this video fits the bill. And what is your wireless thank you.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Eddie! See my response above…

    • michael krisa

      Hey Steve great video!

      Curious – did you edit this video on your iphone using iMovie?

      If so how did you add your intro graphic at the beginning??

      Many Thanks and Safe Travels,

      • Steven

        Thank you, Michael! I think we should USUALLY travel with our computers, so why not have our editing programs on them? And now you know where the intro came from! 🙂

    • Stefan

      Great stuff Steve. My ultra mini kit consists of an iPhone, wired lavellier mic and gorilla grip to hold the phone. It doesn’t produce the highest production values but is pretty close.

      Last year I used a hire car as my studio, the gorilla grip attached to the passenger car window, and the outdoors of the South African Great Karoo as a backdrop. Dropping in some B role clips of wildebeest (filmed on the iPhone) provided great authenticity for my audience in Scotland.

      The temperature was in the 40s as I filmed but I was in an air conditioned car and comfortable.! As I say conditions weren’t great but my audience loved it …..and that is what matters.

      • Steven

        Great resourcefulness, Stefan! And by 40º I assume you meant Celsius? That is hot!

    • Joel Sweeney

      Great video Steve!

      What is the make/model of your wireless lavaliere microphone that you use with your iPhone?

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