Many introverts say they have a face made for radio. It might be more accurate to say they have fear of being rejected by vast hordes of unknown people. Neuroscience and Jungian psychology have a lot to say about this. Bottom line, if you’d like to be way better on camera, simply watch this little video. Then please tell me what you think afterwards… There’s an important goodie in here for extraverts, too!

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    • Greg

      Steve, all I can say is nice hat. My wife would kill me if I took one of those hats from my closet and wore it. You are a brave man. lol BTW – I love the videos.

      • Admin

        I suppose brave is one way of putting it. My wife was sitting next to me at the time. I was nauseous the whole time the way that thing was swinging around!

    • Tomar Levine

      Oh my, your videos get more and more entertaining – but also quite substantive. My hat’s off to you, Steve Washer (whichever you are).

      • Admin

        Thanks, Tomar! It was a pleasure and a particular challenge bringing this one.

        • Tomar Levine

          Are you going to reveal your secrets? Even to the slap on the back, for God’s sake! Very impressive! (And you’re a good actor, too.)

    • Nathan Wei

      Ditto on the hat.
      How did you do the twin thing? Very cool

      • Admin

        With a few too many retakes, I hate to admit. 🙁

    • Kym Kirk

      Is the real Steve Washer in the building?

      I need a cuppa tea after watching the video…..

      Cheers from down under.


      • Admin

        Interesting point, Kym. By the time I was done, I forgot who I was!!

    • Jorge Fernandez

      Awesome video Steve! I think your frank style and deep content really goes unparalleled. You project a lot of confidence and trust.

      • Admin

        Thanks, but it’s nothing beyond your ability, I’m sure!

    • Dave Pipitone

      Great video, Steve! I like the “dueling banjo” personality type effect. Well done! My reticence for making videos is that I stumble around a lot and by the time I edit out the mistakes, it looks pretty hacked. Even with reading a script, I still stumble. I read words out of place or ones that aren’t even on the page. I guess I have to keep practicing over and over again to build up that confidence.

      • Admin

        In the meantime, you might want to try a decent TelePrompTer. think of it as training wheels for getting your confidence up. It will work wonders for you when you aren’t worried about the words.

    • Cyndi

      Loved the video, Steve!

      You are the Best! Thank You!

      • Admin

        You’re welcome and thanks for watching.I hope it had something useful as well!

        • Cyndi

          Yes, Steve. It was very useful!
          I feel more confident and fun being an introvert after watching your super sharp video!
          Now I realize why I don’t really like being in crowds and prefer the stimulation of my surroundings.
          Your Video Marketing Mastery course got me over the fear of being on video!
          I am filming new videos for my new web site and teaching series.
          I feel more confident and inspired from what you teach and share in your videos.
          Thank You for BEing YOU!!!

          • Admin

            You just made my week 🙂

    • Teena Hughes

      Hey Steve,

      Great video! Love the doppleganger – well done, you!

      I got over my fear of the whole video/my face thang last year by taking lots of little short videos (of me talking to an imaginary website follower) with my iPhone. I now do “6 Second Marketing Tips” as videos when I’m out in cafes, meeting friends and business owners etc. Love the whole video marketing way of reaching a far wider audience and showing my personality 🙂 Another easy type of video to make is the testimonial (like for my local cafe, restaurant etc), where I’m saying great stuff about someone else – takes the pressure off talking about my own business for a bit.

      Thanks for all the great tips Steve+Steve, yours is one of the few emails I ALWAYS OPEN!
      Ciao ciao for now

      • Admin

        awesome and very practical suggestions, Teena! You’re the poster child for taking massive action and organizing it into your own thing as well. I’m very impressed, my friend!!

    • Richard Killey

      Don’t you have a Laker’s game to go to? LOL!!! Good one Steve.
      Appreciate the explanation. I am an introvert and much of what you said resonated.

      • Admin

        Thanks, Richard!

    • Todd ROgers

      Steve, you’re one of my absolute favorite marketers out there.

      You have the ability to make video education so easy, and so fun! You make it look so easy on camera, and that is the mark of a true professional.

      I would love to see an outtake or blooper reel video one of these days!

      • Admin

        My bloopers don’t look very humorous to me, but I’ll think about it:)

    • Eliana Gilad

      I Love the side by side effect – majorly impressive. I also found myself today watching HOW you made the video. I see my awareness is rising.

      • admin

        That’s a big step, Eliana! Well done!

    • Jeff

      I have done many videos and you are right speaking to the camera as if to a group has made interaction with camera much easier…in fact when doing a solo shot (me filming me) I find it sometime more challenging to get “up”
      Thanks for another very interesting video
      My videos are on golf instruction,business strategy and coaching which are core competences so this certainly helps with comfort level

      • admin

        Outstanding. I was hoping that the video would not keep non-introverts away. Glad it was helpful! Could you come back and post one of your videos here? I bet we have a few golfers in the crowd. (hint, hint)

        • Jeff

          Thanks for such a quick reply Steve. This is one of my favorites because it can be done quickly and because sometimes we don’t have extra time to go practice this helps make up for it…actually better.
          Thank you again. Enjoy

          • admin

            That was a really great lesson, Jeff. I’ve had a number of good teachers, including a PGA champion, and this was the clearest explanation I’ve seen yet on the importance of the core and how to get it right. Thanks so much!

            I also greatly enjoyed your on-camera presence. You might want to slow down your rate from time to time, just for variation, but you’re very, very good.

            • Jeff

              Thank you very much, this is incredibly kind and appreciated

    • Sheryl Kurland

      Oh you make me Laugh…and Learn.
      The hat, well finally, one that tops my husband’s “umbrella” hat.

      • admin

        The hat is key to maintaining my reputation as a fashion dork 🙂

    • Henry Kruizinga

      Dear Steve,

      Thanks for the great video. Although I am a personal coach and by necessity an internet marketer I didn’t know the things you told about introverts. And I enjoyed what you told (and even more the real funny way you did it. It seems you have come out of the closet yourself! Great example that you can do it on your own!)

      It is true that introverts shy away for the public eye. But they can’t always do that. And you have shown good reasons not to as a internet marketer. Fortunately it is quite possible to overcome these hesitations or full fears.

      I had people, musicians and managers but also policemen to name a few that had to overcome their resistance to stepping into the light.

      It can often be done in one session of maximum two hours. If you are serious about getting rid of it, search for a good NLP coach, in your neighbourhood (s)he can help you (if you want to get support instead of confronting it yourself.)

      Then it will be much easier to get in front of the camera. You even might develop a tiny addiction to it when you show your results to your friends and family.

      In most cases people make negative images that make them shy. but they are not aware of them and so they keep their controle over you.

      Change or delete the images and you will most of the time get rid of enough of your introvert reactions to make it easier to go on camera.

      To more great and funny videos like this Steve! (From you and anybody else.)

      drs Henry J. Kruizinga

    • admin

      Thanks for that perspective, Henry. While I’m pretty OK about being an intravert (actually an extroverted intravert) it’s good to know that resources are out there to help people shorten the journey to “going public”.

      Thanks for all you do!

    • Sylvina

      Hello Steve,
      Great video. I am moving into doing painting demos now. I work hard to quell my nervousness, I will think of having a conversation with one person on the subject I love, oil painting! I am an introvert. What is an NLP?( Mentioned in the note from Henry)

      • admin

        Painting videos are a great and underutilized video niche. It will work for you! NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Tony Robbins is often credited with popularizing it worldwide.

    • Vikrama Aditya Tomar

      Hi Steve,
      You are a great educator who can take away the stress of learning.
      I have two sons – the younger one is just above 3 years. He is quite naughty and doesn’t take interest in formal learning.
      My wife, who is a teacher, tried the same method as you displayed in this video.
      To our great surprise, he picks up his alphabet cards, calls his mother, “Come, let’s play.” Within 5 days, he is able to identify and write all alphabets.
      Look forward to see more great stuff like this.
      Cheers and Regards

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing that great story! Your wife sounds like a dream teacher…

    • William

      Hi Steve,
      I think you nailed it.. Could not have said it any better myself (as an introvert)! Watching videos like this really inspire me.

      • admin

        That’s terrific, William. May it help you take some definitive steps toward your goals!

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