“It’s not the time it takes to take the takes. It’s the time it takes between the takes that takes the time it takes to take the takes.”

And with that bit of worldly wisdom from a long-suffering video producer comes today’s tip. Do you ever have problems with how long it takes to make a video? Is there a way to speed it up?

Actually, there are many ways. However, this is one of the most fun…

Plus, you’ll learn exactly which mic adapter to use (when you need a mic), how to keep your camera from getting the wobblies, and the best app for shooting with the iphone.

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    • Laura

      A big help – along with inspiration – as usual. LOVE the gray brick background and lighting, BTW. Fun to see you with your wife having fun. Thanks again!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank YOU for the nice feedback on the little changes!

    • Curt Donohue

      Great stuff, Steve. I’ve seen quite a bit of footage from iPhones lately and its just amazing what you can do with them. Thanks for showing the resources too!

      • Steven Washer

        My friend tells me that his Nokia Windows phone has even better video. Imagine the possibilities…

    • Dave Pipitone

      Great video, Steve. Thanks for doing this one! I just got an iPhone 5 and want to use it as my “main” video camera.

      I watched an author’s book trailer video the other day, and he used a Super 8 app (99 cents) when he filmed some footage of traveling to and inside an operating room. Very interesting effect.

    • Dave Pipitone

      PS … can you use an iPhone with a green screen?

      • Steven Washer

        Yes, but to professional effect? You must be careful and precise in your lighting and use a really good greenscreen, properly stretched.

    • Nadira Jamal

      REALLY good stuff, Steven!

    • Cheri Ruskus

      Great to know Steve! Thanks! I would have been worried about dropping the phone over the ocean!
      With that said will these adapters work with the IPhone 4 for those of us who aren’t ready to upgrade quite yet?

    • Ioannis

      Very very nice!!! Really the scene on the parachute was ‘’live’’? Or ….?
      Bibi, wishing everyone to have a very nice autumn and a very healthy and prosperus new season for all.

    • Candas

      Hi Steven,

      Great video! I especially liked the tip about the app for zooming.

      By the way, Apple just announced today that the new iPhone 5s will have the ability to do slow motion video.

      Love these tips!

      • Candas

        L’Shana tovah!

        • Steven Washer

          “L’Shana tovah, Candas!”, he exclaimed, while hopping up and down in insane glee…in slow motion of course…

    • Jaime Espiritu

      The older Canon cameras like the A1200 has 1080p. They have incredible images. You just need a seperate audio recorder and some lights to make you shine.

      • Steven Washer

        Jaime, your copywriting is really nice… “some lights to make you shine”. I love it!

    • Brian Barasz

      Great video Steve. And I think the vest really suits you well!
      Have you had any problems with Filmic Pro app? Seems some of the reviews were not positive. Many different problems with audio, etc. I have an IPhone 4 and excited to use your advice. But anything else I should know about that app before getting it, in your opinion?

      • Steve

        I haven’t noticed any problems with Filmic Pro audio-wise, and I’m fairly sensitive to that issue. Not all the fancy features work with phones older than the 4S, but enough of them to make this the standard of iPhone apps. Well worth the investment I think.

        Oh, and thanks for your feedback on my “wardrobe”!

    • Dr Dane

      Thanks for the video Steve. I watched a webinar with a guy named Mike Stewart a while back, who was advocating using an iPad with the iMovie app for editing.

      Do you know of anything comparable in the android market in terms of phones and apps?

      • Steve

        Afterfocus and Camera Zoom FX for the Android…

        • Shama

          Here in Thailand the brand name smart phones like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy cost around $700 to $800. They come unlocked so you don’t have to have any contract to use them, but boy do they charge you for this advantage.

          • Steven Washer

            With total freedom comes tremendous obligation…;)

    • Elizabeth

      I enjoyed this video, Steve, and found it very helpful, but I’m confused about the apps. They look like photo apps to me. How do I use them to control the exposure, focus, and zoom of my video? GAH! So much to learn!

      • Steve

        It’s just the one app, and you don’t have to use it. It just makes your life easier…

    • Steve

      Bang On Steve…! AWESOME’onic…!!!

      • Steve

        Doing my bit to help you spread the word!

    • Geoff Marlow

      Great piece Steve – and how nice to see Mrs Steve too..!

      • Steve

        She is the sole reason we change location from time to time and tries to keep me sane, succeeding about 23% of the time 🙂

    • Doreen Hamilton

      Hi Steve,
      I video participants in my workshops and I’m looking for a new way to do this AND be able to quickly get that video to the participant. I do have Iphone 5 and all the items you mentioned including a Cannon wireless microphone. I’m looking for the quickest way to get the video to the participant. I like to be able to hand back to the participant a copy of their turns before they leave. In the past, it’s been instant. I used to use VHS tapes and was able to record and hand the tape back to the participant at the workshop/ then I went to using a Pinnacle Video Transfer that hooked up to my camera and I was able to use a memory stick and hand that back to the participant. With the Pinnacle now discontinued, I need to find a new technological answer. Using the Iphone, I need to make sure I have enough memory, which I do. But the problem is transferring the video. I’ve saved it to the camera roll and then send via yousendit.com. But that is not the best solution due to the amount of time it takes. As I said, I like to be able to give participants their work before they leave. Thanks

      • Steven Washer

        Saving to the camera roll is automatic. What you do next makes it possible. Jack the iPhone into a Mac, do an almost instant transfer via iPhoto, then pop the video onto the memory stick. The whole operation should take no more than a couple of minutes.

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