Yes, we’re all snowflakes, as different from one another as can be.

Then we go into business and all that specialness disappears like dew in the hot sun.

And suddenly we go to the back of the line.

How do you transform that position into a head start, and in a way that is relevant and even compelling to your future clients?

More to the point, how do you amplify and then communicate it?

Here’s how.

Welcome to the 4th and final episode in our special series on how to become a Visible Authority.

I saved the best for last!

    9 replies to "How to Amplify Your Uniqueness"

    • Glenda Bonin

      Thanks, Steve, for this inspiring, remarkable and helpful video series. I am and have been one of your biggest fans for quite a while, and you never disappoint. You share many important truths about marketing and conveying value to customers. If pressed to say which of your concepts has been most persuasive for me, I would say the remark you made in the third video of this series: “Show up. Don’t show off.” Thank you for all you do.

      • Steven

        Thank you, Glenda! That’s good to know. It’s a pretty zen concept for performers, yes?

    • Eddie Oxedine

      Thank you.

    • Marco

      Just want to say thank you Steven, your personality and authenticity is undoubtly one of your greatest gift. I love the way you come across on video and your teaching is simple and powerful. I have enjoyed your videos and I admire your dedication to the subject. <3

      • Steven

        Thank you for those kind words, Marco. Happy you find these helpful!

    • Peter Anthony Gales

      Another great one. Confronting me with:
      I don’t publish regularly.
      My topics are all over the place.

      Damn. I hate you Steven. Not.

      • Steven

        That’s OK, Peter. You know I love you! 🙂

    • Nancy

      Steve, I’ve really enjoyed this series. And I’ve enjoyed that it has been a series. Hope you’ll keep doing that format. It makes learning easier, for me at least.

      As I was watching this video, I was appreciating the simplification and branding you’ve been doing. I like your basic pallet of colors and how that
      effects the visual of the entire page.

      Since the thumbnail pictures for other videos in the series carry the same color palette, the entire page is coherent and relaxing. The consistency of the colors conveys that the other videos belong in the series and invite viewing/reviewing.

      I also like the use of your plain shirt (your branded color, of course) as a background for the more personal words in a softer font that emerge from your heart area, rather from the space to one side of you.

      It all works well together and radiates an atmosphere of authority, yet one that is welcoming and low key. I like it!

      • Steven

        Thank you, Nancy. I do try to keep things of a piece these days. The reason, of course, is that consistency is important in lots of different ways. As one who tends to fly by the seat of his pants, I have to work harder at this. I’m especially glad it all kind of works together to help the learning!

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