Would you like your videos to stir people to action? Then you might need to let go of some cherished marketing beliefs. With video, everything can be so much easier. Yep. It might be time to replace all those flowery words with a few simple gestures. The secret to your success lies in the pre-cognitive brain. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Take a look and see if you agree.

    8 replies to "How to Be Persuasive on Video"

    • Michael

      Thanks, Steven!

      As always, great info. You have a wonderful manner on camera and some very useful and easily actionable information.

      Thanks again!


      • Steven Washer

        ‘Easily actionable’ is the watchword around here, so thanks! 🙂

      • Nancy

        You made me smile Steven! Thanks for the great info and your charming smile.

    • Michael Yardney

      Thanks for another great video lesson Steve
      I’ve been producing videos for my blog for a number of years, but each time I get one of our blogs I learn another lesson
      Keep up the great work

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Michael. It’s an honor to be seen that way…

    • Margherita

      You are a master smileist, ops the spellchecker want to correct this word to: milepost! And I would agree, both of these words describe well your charisma Steve.

    • Michael

      Right on, Steve. I keep a smiling pix of Dustin Hoffman above my computer (try a google search for him or your favorite actor, including the word “smile”, then click on images). And speaking about charisma, I just started reading the book “Charisma Myth” about presence, warmth and power – fascinating read and I’m sure your course is even more poignant for aspiring video celebrities like yourself. Go get ’em Steven and thanks for sharing.

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