Whatever else you do today to move your business forward, your biggest objective is always going to be helping others make the real and lasting changes they long to see in themselves.

Too often we forget this as we get lost in techniques for writing videos, doing SEO, returning emails, posting on social media, etc, etc, etc.

But what if this was all you really had to do to let them know help is on the way?

Want to take video technology out of the “intimidation” column?
The Video Intensive is now open for registration.

    5 replies to "How to Be And Demonstrate The Change You Want To See"

    • Rita

      Beautifully expressed!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Rita!

    • Rex WILLIAMS

      That’s deep, Steven.
      Thanks for the message.

      (I might have to watch that again.)

    • Michelle

      I loved that. Here I’ve been a creator running from being a technician when all this time, technicians are standing by, waiting for me to allow them to express themselves in their own creator way. I just need to come up with the strategy to make the cost pencil out…

      But enough about me…about those modern interior backdrops you’re using? I picture you talking to me from a place like this (in your heart if not in reality) instead: https://plus.google.com/113929210773378285219/posts/9NRvLi4Bdpq

      Am I wrong?

      • Steve

        You aren’t wrong. 🙂
        I was referring to your INNER technician, so maybe there’s some more leeway there.

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