They say copywriting for video is no different than for text.

Maybe they’re right, but that’s only after they’ve effectively turned the video INTO text.

This may sound a little crazy in light of current orthodoxy, but copywriting for video is different. For one thing, it’s more fun, and I thought you might enjoy trying it for yourself.

Even the teaching of it is far, far different, but you can also teach yourself, because it comes from your own experience.

Frankly, I think it could be very helpful. But see what you think. Happy to answer any questions in the comments.

    4 replies to "How To Be Your Own Best Copywriter"

    • Cesar Castro

      Happy New Year!


      Thank you!

      Your video inspired me.


      • Steven Washer

        Awesome. Happy New Year, Cesar!

    • Carol Chapman

      Well, Steve, I am feeling more than, “Just about right,” today, especially after I had a good out-loud laugh at your fanciful example list of outlandish complaints that people use to illustrate what turns people away from our message. I also really enjoyed revisiting The Right Stuff and the Chuck Yaeger story. What a wonderfully joyful way to learn about copywriting.

    • Steven Washer

      Most glad to hear it, Carol! Thanks!

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