What You Can Learn From NASA About Moving Your Tribe to Action

“Things are tough all over,” so they say. Most of us deal with this economy by ignoring it. But there’s a better way. It has the benefit of being conscious and open and will position YOU as a leader. Not surprisingly, it requires video.

Please watch this special presentation of the BrainyVideo Broadcast and learn how to take a stand for your community and help lead them out of the mess which poor management at the highest levels of our world-wide culture has left us to deal with.

And please let me know if you agree or disagree. Is it better to address it or ignore it?

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    • paul wolfe

      Hey Steve

      Digging the Captain’s outfit! Very suave! great music by the way – is that Sonicfire? (If so, which package?)

      • admin

        Thanks Paul. The music is actually a sore spot. I wrote the video thinking I would be able to use a completely different sound design. I had the most perfect music ever written all ready to go, spent hours laying it out, then realized at the end I would probably lose my account if I posted the video as it was. So at the last minute I went with an old standby, Digital Juice; simply cut and pasted my way though until it was done.

        But it does show how flexible a video message can be in how it can respond to a slightly different sound design. Which means everyone can do it!

    • Lolita

      Steve, you are great! Thank you so much for a very inspirational video. And what a great example it was for an emocional video, you just showed us how it needs to be made! You really inspired me!

      • admin

        Thanks so much, Lolita! Now it’s your turn… 🙂

    • Lon Naylor

      Cool! I didn’t know you were a pilot. Me too! My ratings are no where near as high as yours but…is it the most awesome thing ever? I’ve logged a lot of hours flying to nearby municipal airports for “$100 hamburgers”. 😉

      See you on the webinar tomorrow!
      Lon Naylor

      • admin

        Wow, I didn’t know you were a pilot either! And yes, it is only the coolest thing ever.
        Talk about birds of a feather…

        Looking forward to tomorrow!

    • Scott

      Such a sad way to throw cold water on inspiration. From the Washington Times:
      Word has leaked out that in its new budget, the Obama administration intends to terminate NASA’s planetary exploration program. The Mars Science Lab Curiosity, being readied on the pad, will be launched, as will the nearly completed small MAVEN orbiter scheduled for 2013, but that will be it. No further missions to anywhere are planned.
      But, thanks, Steve, for your own style of inspiration. In these times we need all we can get.

      • admin

        So sad, but not for long, I hope. After all, this administration can’t be around forever. Someday soon, tired of endless wars and bankruptcy, the people will catch a more peaceful vision and remember the space program and restore its funding, this time with private companies raising capital and doing it for less.
        In fact, we saw them at NASA while we were there, so while the effort is still out of the public eye, it’s well underway.

    • Susan Gregg

      Thanks so much Steve. I have thoroughly enjoyed to the two classes I have taken from you. I have been struggling trying to promote and awesome video program I created a few years ago and you just gave me the perfect formula.

      Now off to the editing board.


      • admin

        Very cool, Susan. You are so good at taking action!

    • Kathy Kirk

      I am still inspired by our space program. I’m still inspired by Pres. Kennedy telling us we’d go into outer space in 10 years…and we did it in 9. What’s important is that we are inspired. I love the inspiration strategy…beats the heck out of scary them to death even more.
      Thanks Steve. You definitely are one of the ‘Light Workers” and doing a fine job at it.
      Oh, I’ve had 2 flying lessons, have flown in a glider, helicopters and balloons. Dad was a B-17 pilot and son is a helo pilot in the Navy. I’m always inspired by flight – just watched a hawk over the meadow and 3 buzzards soaring. Yeah. I feel Good.

    • admin

      See, even 2 flying lessons and you’re a changed woman! I read somewhere that Leonardo Da Vinci said that once you have tasted flight, you long to be up there all the time.
      How did he know to say that?

    • Karim

      Hi Steve,
      Another Excellent video with a timely message; I am biased of course being a fan of space travel and flying.

      Our Moto in the RCAF “Per Ardua ad Astra”, which translated is, “Through adversity to the Stars”


      • admin

        Interesting in light of Kathy’s Kennedy’s quote which went on to say “We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

    • Michael Nistler

      Well done, Steve – an inspirational how-to video about how-to do an inspirational video. Touche – as they say in corporate life, you really know how to eat your own dog chow! And while your videos are always spot-on with your performance and delivery, on this video you also cranked up the overall production value with compelling clips and background music to support your message.

      Now then, where do I get one of those $100 hamburgers? (wink)

      • admin

        Heh. The $100 hamburger is now closer to $200, but you might be able to get the cost down with an ultralight. 😉

        And thanks for the kinds words!

    • Donnie Bryant


      Although inertia is a powerful force (keeping people from embracing change), inspiration is even stronger. You make it too simple NOT to start taking steps forward in spite of the negativity and fear so many are focused on.

      Interestingly, I shot two videos this week for the very reason you mentioned: video’s unmatched ability to reach past the brain’s knee-jerk cynicism, right to the emotions. The neurological proof confirms what experience has told us all along.

      Keep inspiring and instructing!

      • admin

        Muchos Gracias, Donnie! I just wanted to be able to express something like what you just said!

        • Donnie Bryant

          You may be interested in my March newsletter: http://preview.tinyurl.com/72as8rx

          Thanks again, Steve!

          • admin

            Wait a sec. I was just spinning a dreidel. Yes; verrrry interesting, Donnie. Almost as if someone else put that idea in both of our minds at the same time.

            Heh, the dreidel won’t stop spinning.
            Uh, oh…

    • Shama Kern

      Very nicely done video, great message, great production, lots of action and lots of movement. This is really something to inspire me to come up with videos of this level as well.I loved all the elements in it, like your personal story and the emotion. Thanks for this great example of video making!

      • admin

        Thank you, Shama. Wonderly kind. Looking forward to seeing your work!

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