What exactly is a web series, what does it take for a service provider to produce one, and how does it win a home in your future client’s heart? For one thing, it means showing up in a way that you’re welcomed as a friend, and not an intruder. This is my favorite…well, actually, it’s my only strategy. So there must be something to it, right? Here’s the first installment on how to make this series for yourself.

    7 replies to "How to Build a Simple Elegant Web Series"

    • Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

      Hi Steven, Great video, and great information. I enjoy watching and learning from all of your videos. Thank you very much.

      • Steven

        Thank you, Joseph. Glad you got the intent!

    • Ron

      I love it. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

    • Susan Gregg

      As always you inspire me to do better – actually just to do. I look at the videos I made before I ‘met you’ and I cringe.

      Thanks Steve. I was looking for a giveaway to add to my thank you page and I have it now!

      • Steven

        Neat idea, Susan. You could give away a series!

    • Jorge

      Hi Steve, catching up with your 3-video series. On part 1 I noticed that as you were adjusting your mic, your voice sounded a little canny. Then on second 34 it suddenly sounded really nice and clear. Did you have another mic or was it a result of magic editing? Just curious.

      • Steven

        Thanks for your comment, Jorge. Incredibly helpful!

        The hollow sound was the result of using the camera mic while I was preparing the lavalier mic in front of the audience. The clarity kicked in when the lav was in place and its audio gradually swapped out for the raw camera audio.

        The purpose of that moment was to graphically demonstrate the power of little tweaks without calling attention to it until the end of the video.

        It had not occurred to me that the brief explanation I provided at the end of the video would be missed, and so that entire early moment would be perceived as a mistake. Oh well, live and learn. 🙂

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