Last week we looked at why you would want to use a video intro and sometimes why you wouldn’t.

If you missed that video, you can catch up to it here at last week’s blog post.

Today, as promised, we’ll take apart the intro you see here each week and see just how easy it is to put back together again. I’ll just bet you get some great ideas for you own intros simply by watching this quick tutorial.

How To Create Your Video Intro

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    14 replies to "How to Create a Video Intro"

    • Bobbi Emel

      Steve, this was really helpful. Thanks!

      What video software do you recommend for someone like me who is moderately tech-savvy but not advanced? And what is the range of prices we’re talking about?

      Thanks so much for your help!

      • admin

        Are on on a Mac or PC? It makes a difference.

        • Bobbi Emel

          I’m on a PC. Thanks for any advice you might be able to lend me, Steve!

          • admin

            You’ll need an editing program at the very least. A basic version of Camtasia will do for about $100. A basic version of Pinnacle would run about $50. Then just look for “Free backgrounds” on Google and you’re on your way.

    • Dalond Martin

      Great Tutorial!!!

    • Tina

      Very impressive Steve. Thank you for all the great knowledge you share.

      • admin

        Thank you, Tina. Hope you find it moderately useful 🙂

    • Marsha

      Thanks Steve! As usual you read my mind — how and why to make a compelling intro and outro is exactly what I’ve been wondering about.

      You over-delivered again! As always.

      • admin

        Aww. Now you’re making me blush…
        Anything else you’d like to learn about?

    • Trevor Hill

      You’ve done it again Steve – making the complex seem simple. Thanks for opening another door for me on my video ‘journey’.

      • admin

        Thanks! And that open door will lead to a magic carpet 🙂

    • Jan

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