Zappos has invested in video like no retailer in history. Moreover, since they make 400 videos per day, they’ve learned a lot. Would you like to know what they do about using video to sell stuff online? Yep, this is totally doable. Just watch!

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    • I had no idea Zappos was making SO many videos. Thanks for sharing this info, Steve. Important tips!

      • admin

        Thanks, Tea! I can’t wait to share next week’s episode…

    • Bill Loeber

      Steve, great stuff! Makes total sense that video content would be preferable to people vs reading…we are the TV-generation! I find myself almost always clicking on the entry on the search page that shows a little video symbol…can’t stop myself!

      • admin

        And THAT’s why Zappos does it. (And me too! 🙂

    • Jaime

      Nice! Very fun insight about Zappos. I’ll try to see how I can add more fun little videos. 🙂 BTW, your white background is looking very good! 🙂

      • admin

        Thanks! Actually, it was a greenscreen this time because I wanted to put some props in the background. But I’m glad it came off well.

    • Bill Loeber

      I am also anxious to use video on a new site I am about to launch dealing with job hunting and coaching services. I think video has a reassuring, non-intimidating style, unlike a 300 page book on job hunting that no one would ever read…

      • admin

        Wow. It could be very, very good for that kind of service. Hope you get moving on that soon!

    • Warren Hayford

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for another great lesson. I had no idea any company would adapt to using video on such a large scale. I guess for them it is an extension of the catalog into a new medium. Great food for thought.

      Thanks again.

      Warren Hayford

    • Teena

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for this ‘whack on the side of the head today’ – I’ve been trying to tell clients that putting video on their stores will boost their sales – now you’ve made my job easier by confirming it 🙂

      Now all I need to do is add videos to my OWN site – I hadn’t really thought of putting videos online for my handpainted silk clothing, but this is the year I’m going to do just THAT 🙂

      Thanks for the great video – looking forward to the next one where you break down the “how to”.


      • admin

        To be able to show the texture, look and feel of something in a demo is actually more effective than a testimonial. Go for it!

        • Teena

          You’re right – now why didn’t I think of that? You’ve got me all fired up and excited about doing this now!
          Instead of putting it off till your next video comes out, I might just make a video or two for things already on my site – woohoo!
          Thanks Steve!

          • admin

            Cool! Send me a link when it’s out, OK?

            • Teena

              Just took two videos – if they turn out alright I’ll send a link when they’re done – thanks Steve, you rock, my man!!

    • Ruth

      I’m sitting here with my brand new, beautiful, over-the-knee Frye boots that I just received and yes, I loved that Zappos had a video (I also loved they were on sale, thought still expensive). I especially like the format of the videos.and the fact that they have their staff do them — e.g., not pros. They’re all very natural and easy-going. Thanks for sharing, Steve. Food for thought and for a video!

      • admin

        Hah! There you go, folks! I love it. Yes, having their employees do these videos is going to be a piece of next week’s lesson. Thanks for letting us in on your secret shopping trip! 🙂

    • Pamela Jones

      As always, this information is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. Im still in the process or ordering my softlights and studio set equipment. Thanks Again!

    • Captain Bert


      Thank you for that confirmation and thoughtful analysis. I have been using videos for my ebay auctions for the last 3 years and I can say it has increased my final bids by up to 20 times what I would previously obtain without videos. These are also the most fun to make videos of all. For impulse buys there is nothing to equal a quick and fun video.

      • Admin

        And thank you for sharing your results. That’s pretty impressive and amazing, but completely logical. Who knows? maybe Zappos is understating their numbers!

        • Captain Bert

          Perhaps Zappos should hire me!! Or it could very well be that I connect with my niche market on the level that elicits emotion. Over the weekend I needed some water shoes for a trip I am taking and I would have spent more for a shoe if I had been presented with a video of the shoes in action…

    • Stephen

      Steven, thank you for this video! Very interesting insights on how a large e-Commerce retailer like Zappos operates and improves sales. Looking forward to more in this series (as well as implementing a few things)!

      Thanks again,


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