I have a client who doesn’t believe in giving away a lot of free information. “I don’t want to be Web MD!” says he. “I just want more patients.” Fair enough. If that secretly describes you, today’s tip may be just what the doctor ordered. Because there’s a video for that. This ‘silver bullet’ can get you more business in a pretty reliable way. Check out “The Proposal”.

    8 replies to "How to Double Your Sales with Video Marketing"

    • allison nuovo

      Great video Steve. Easy to comprehend and relevant to today’s business person. Thanks for all you do!

    • Steve

      Ah, but it’s so much fun. Thanks for watching, Allison!!

    • Patrick

      Nicely done, Steve. I especially like the part where you model what the video would look like.

    • Steve

      Thanks, Patrick. I hope you find it useful. So many people use proposals these days…

    • Molly Gordon

      Nice work, Steve. I love how you introduced the lesson, gave such a clear step-by-step overview, and then provided an example. This is a model real people can follow.

    • Steve

      Thanks, Molly! You’re so right in implying that these strategies must be doable by non-video professionals.

    • Paul Wolfe

      Hey Steve

      Cool video as always.

      Question: how did you get that subtle ‘sunburst’ effect behind you? Is it green screen and a picture – or is it a lighting effect?


      • Steve

        That was a lighting effect, actually. We tore slits in a piece of black wrap and set it over a Lowell Omni light. Then when you angle it away from the wall, kind of aiming it like a rock skipping over the water, the light spreads out and creates an elegant effect.

        By the way, lighting can be a nice way to create a background where none exists. We’ve been shooting in a bare room lately so that we can get ready for a really fun, really unusual series of videos I plan on releasing in the next few weeks.

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