Does having a marketing voice seem like a strange concept? Why can’t you just serve your market? You can, but when people hear your authentic voice, they feel more like responding, and then you get a real shot at success.

This is something that happens naturally, so the main thing to do is not get in the way of it. The problem is, we are masters of getting in our own way. 

This video is about how to get out of your own way and what it feels like when you find your voice. 

Just to make sure, Steve tries on a few other voices…

This is also just another hint of what is coming on January 2.

A world of resources and guidance will shortly open up, helping our people find their voices and transform themselves into the completely confident marketers they’ve always felt they could be.

Much more to come next week!

    4 replies to "How to Find Your Marketing Voice"

    • Mia Sherwood Landau

      Those two character voices are reversed for me… the scary one is in my head and the Topo Gigio is in the world! Love this video, Steven.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Mia! I thought if I went for Ed Sullivan it might be a bridge too far…

    • Stefan

      The most important thing info every day is to take a long walk … Along the clifftops, beach or country fields. It’s here that my subconscious does its thing and finds solutions for me while I relax and get a little exercise.

      My guess is that this might happen to you Steve, between take off and landing.

    • Steven Washer

      Right you are, Stefan, though even a walk around the neighborhood can do wonders.

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