Do you want your videos to speak to your potential clients? Well, of course! Then consider that big things swing on little hinges. The enormous cultural shift that started in 2003 is now having its full effect on video. It demands a certain voice. What kind of voice? Professional or informal? Expert or fellow-traveler? Or is it something else entirely? Watch and find out. (And learn why the world is not going to end on 12/21/12 🙂

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    • Ange L

      This is one of the best videos I have ever seen! Out of all the lists I’ve been on and all the marketers I’ve listened to, you are one of my top two favorites. It is always a pleasure to see your emails in my Inbox.

      I have been producing Powerpoint-based videos and whiteboard animation videos for several months (since my second brain surgery). I have been really nervous to get on camera because, while I look okay from the front, the slightest turn shows the nearly-bald back of my head from the two surgeries that removed a tumor that saved my life. It is intimidating to go on camera.

      Thank you for a second-in-a-row video that further chips away at my reticence and fear.


      • admin

        Angerona, your bravery and boldness shine through in this post!

        The first time we do anything it feels uncomfortable. And then it becomes normal. I need to remind myself of this constantly…

        • Lynn

          Angerona I applaude you too! Your unique look now gives you a story to tell….and we all love stories. I encourage you to feel afraid but do the video anyways….you could just be the person that changes someone else’s life. Please don’t hide… were meant to shine your light!

    • Patricia

      Great message – and video. Your authenticity shines through and I love the lack of hard sell. Looking forward to seeing more.

      • admin

        Looking forward to bringing it. Thank you for those very kind words!

    • THIS is why I love you. Sharing with our Prosperity’s Kitchen crowd this afternoon!

      • admin

        Awesome, Tea. Thanks! I’ve been looking back at movies made during various swings and they have so nailed it. I think this is a true breakthrough in immersing ourselves in the culture without being drowned or overwhelmed by it.

    • Mark Cato

      Outstanding message. Too often we try to be perfect and slick when in reality, we want companies that are friends even if they have warts. Being too slick or perfect causes distrust. We like people like ourselves, imperfect but real. Customers want to identify with you. If you look and sound like a “normal” person (not an actor that looks perfect or a size zero supermodel) then I’m more apt to buy from you. Several companies have realized this and show real customers in their videos. Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” used women of various ages, sizes, shapes, races, etc. instead of picture perfect models to engage their audience. It was extremely productive.

      • admin

        That’s certainly part of it, seeing people like ourselves; but just as important if not more so is the content of the message. Certain messages simply resonate better in this time than in others. For instance, the Dove commercial would have been much less effective had it singled out even one of those women…

    • Lynn

      Great video Steve! I’m grateful that someone shared you and your website with me. I’ve done just a few videos and posted them on my website. I feel very natural in front of the camera but I’m still working on getting lighting and background so thinks will look a little more professional. Hoping Santa brings me the lighting kit I asked for 🙂 Happy Holidays!

      • admin

        I’ll put in a good word for you. I hear he has a part-time job at B&H. 😉

    • Mark Mian

      This is a freaking awesome video.

    • Javier

      Thank you Steve, your videos deliver true and inspiration, keep it up for US-WE.


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