When you’re interrupting someone’s day it’s good to have something more valuable for them to think about than what they were thinking about at that moment, right?

But that’s a hard thing to pull off…unless you apply a few of these simple ideas; applying them religiously to your video ads…and all the rest of your videos for that matter.

They’ve worked for us pretty well. See what you think…

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    • Tammy Kabell

      Another winner, Steve! The concept of value, and tying it to emotion, really got me thinking. In my firm, we help people get better jobs. And I could make video ads all day that talk about how well we get people jobs. Plenty of testimonials, case studies, and even get into the proprietary process of getting there…

      But that’s not going to make us memorable. What will make Career Resume Consulting (a very UNmemorable name for a company) stick in people’s minds is to show them the emotions they will have once they have started that perfect job, gain the full respect of their peers and bosses… how they will jump out of bed every Monday morning to get ready for work… and I could go on.

      My point is that we have to show our audience what they will “do, be or have,” but for my company, it goes beyond “having” their next job… it’s who they will become, and how it feels to become that new version of themselves. That’s what Apple did all those years ago, right?

      • Steve

        That’s exactly what they did! (And what will work for you.)
        And it’s exactly what they forgot to do the next year. 🙂

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