All business authority is not created equal.

There’s the type they say you should elbow your competitor out for, the type of business authority sneaky people try to get, and the type that changes you into who you were meant to be.

That’s the type that tends to work out really well in the long term.

All three may look similar, but they’re about as closely related as butter is to butterfly…

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    • Luci Gabel

      Steve- I had the great gift of listening to this in the morning. What a lovely thought to wake up to! How motivating. Thank you.

      • Steven Washer

        You’re welcome. You bring a LOT of it to your videos!

        • Luci Gabel

          Thank you, Steve. that means a lot, coming from you!!

    • Mia Sherwood Landau

      Wow, this video and its message are world-class, Steven. A positive outlook is natural for me, but occasionally derailed by deep, incredulous dismay and disappointment. For years I didn’t understand it, but finally heard myself say, “The Golden Rule doesn’t work for me.” That revelation led to a lot of Bible study and prayer, and eventually to some ideas you shared in this video. It is not only world-class, but timeless as well.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for that bold and honest comment!

    • John D. King

      Strong! Stronger than Superman.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, John. 🙂

    • Seun Sowemimo

      Nice one Steve … I’m all for options 2&3

      • Steven Washer

        Being at 3, you can now help the interns and residents!

    • Jim Davis

      Steven, I know content is “King” but your ability to deliver content in a practical as well as an emotional manner is a skill most of us should strive to emulate. Thank You!

      • Steven Washer

        Content is king when it’s a clear demonstration of how you can help. And thank you for the kind words!

    • susan

      Absolutely love it and what synchronicity – I did a podcast last week and talked about star stuff too!!! Always love your videos. I just got all the gear to start doing videos again oh awesome mighty mentor person ; )

      • Steven Washer

        Ha, ha! You go, girl. 🙂

    • Janet L Sellers

      Thank you for this video it really helped me today when I was feeling powerless against some corporate people who are on the road to the first kind of authority you mention here. Their behavior was so out of line that I really wondered if I should even try to do business with them. I am an officer in the Toastmasters Club that meets at a financial institution and my email made the mistake of changing the letters to ENT credit Union instead of “Ent credit Union” and the email went out that way. One of the new members of Toastmasters is an aspiring leader in the company and took me to task about not having the letters correct in the email – and it wasn’t even my fault. It made me realize that they are so ingrained in their company they can’t see otherwise, even though I politely and cheerfully remind them I’m not part of their institution, I’m a community member of the Toastmasters that uses their facility, and I lost confidence for about twenty-four hours because I couldn’t reason with them regarding that electronic error. In the course of universal events and as a human being, it is a ridiculous petty conflict, but it shows me especially through the eyes of the video you show here, that those people are so wrapped up in a false kind of authority that they will battle everything with an Ent bag over their head. Tragic! what a tragic way to live. I wrote them back twice both times trying to use a bit of humor, clarifying the issue and even mentioning about
      Army General Ent and why the financial institution is named for him. They just proceeded to correct other things they perceived in my missive trying to write in a jocular way but I could feel there disregard and unhappiness all the way through. I think it’s tragic and an opportunity for connection lost. Interestingly, I am a Toastmasters mentor for two new members of that financial institution and I am a new officer with the Toastmasters club there. I am included as a community person because they want to have outside members from the community to help broaden their abilities to communicate. I think I will send them this video after they settle down and cool off. Or maybe I need to cool off haha. anyhow, it was a wonderful and universal moment to see this video right when I needed to be reminded of my own personal authority that is becoming visible and I appreciate your help.

      • Steven Washer

        So glad this helped you today, Janet. Seeing through these illusions is never easy, but it can be done if we can only take a moment; just one little moment, to stop and see what the moment, and not our emotional reaction, wants from us.

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