How would you like a way to learn anything quickly, including video, while defeating the demons that would like to keep you in the dark?

Well, all you have to do is know the difference between “overwhelm” and overwhelm. Not super clear yet? I don’t blame you.

This video should make it clear…

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    • Ian Blei

      Excellent, Steve!
      We can be so limited by the “narrative” we create around who we are (“I can’t do math,” etc.) Thinking that we have to “be special” is just another part of the narrative, just like “I can’t sell.” As usual, you nail it with authenticity: just BE who you are, cuz you do that great! Then take something like service or something else you feel great about, and let that be your “theme.” Everything relates to the theme, including you, and your audience. Everything is connected somehow, and we just feel it. As I often say: All is One!

    • Karim Walji

      Hi Steve,
      Another great production with an excellent message. Its amazing how the right teacher can make the overwhelm a thing of the past.


      • Admin

        Only if they’re aware of the problem, right? It’s a lesson for all of us when we teach or coach online!

    • Admin

      That’s a good point, Ian. The narrative is so important and the self-narrative is the result of the shadow overwhelm. Thanks for taking it to the next level!

    • Sergio Felix

      Hey Steve,

      Well shooting video is already overwhelming but I found out that accepting that “it is OK to fail” helped me a ton on my confidence and on putting myself in front of the camera.

      I’m still quite not where I want to be but I’m pretty sure I will get there soon and I’m not overwhelmed in fear anymore… I’m excited to take it up a notch actually…

      I just received a few gadgets to start doing better videos (lapel mic, green screen, better camera, etc) so I can’t wait to start dabbling with the new resources. 😉


      • admin

        Don’t know if this helps, but you never do get it to 100%. And it’ll drive you bananas to try. So you might as well have tons o’ fun!

    • Scott

      Brought tears to my eyes. Creating videos was art. I understand art. However, I’m becoming overwhelmed with the prospect of creating my first web site/blog. I’ll keep playing this video over and over again until I understand the difference between overwhelm and overwhelming.

      • admin


        You may have noticed the role my teacher played. I wouldn’t even have been allowed to learn that skill on my own. A teacher who knows his area can help you relate yours to his. I don’t know your circumstances, but if you can make a video you can most certainly make a website. Here are some steps to start you on your way:

        1. Find a site that has a look you like.
        2. Get the Thesis theme by
        3. Install WordPress at on a domain you buy.
        4. Install Thesis on top of the WordPress installation. You’ll need an FTP program for this. You can download any number of free ones depending on whether you’re on a Mac or a PC.
        5. Make the Thesis theme look like the site you like.
        It will probably take a lot of fiddling to make Thesis do that, but you’ll figure it out. Thesis is very adaptable. (I used it for this site.) And along the way you may find something you like just as much.

        Good luck!

    • Sean Breslin

      I could relate to this video Steve, and how once you can conquer overwhelm things really do start to happen!!!

      • admin

        Thanks, Sean! And so true. I know there are other obstacles that pop up afterwards, but none so seemingly formidable as that first one!

    • Michael Nistler

      Well done Steve,

      As always, your message and delivery is spot-on. And your “learning to ride a bike” analogy was quite fitting – our skills, performance, and post-production certainly gets better over time. Along that line, I’ve noted your recent videos include many more visual objects on the screen along with dramatic sound effects – great stuff.

      I wonder at what point do you feel these enhancement push a bit too far and distract the audience from the underlying message? IMO I enjoyed all the “extras” on the timeline except for the background music (from minute 2-3, etc.). All the motivation music seemed supportive when accompanying animations and picture segues, less so when we are focusing on your otherwise riveting testimonials that stand up so well on their own. Then again, perhaps my age is showing…

      Kudos again on your excellent video! Michael

      • admin

        Well, you never do get it to 100%, as illustrated by your observation. And people perceive things quite differently, as can be seen by a quick browse through the comments.

        One of the reasons I’ve been including more “enhancements” as you put it, is that there is a problem with seeing the same image all the time. I don’t want to bore people if I can help it.

        Thanks for reminding us that there is no one standard for every video!

    • Susan

      Thanks for that video. I have had a challenging day and needed a kind encouraging word.

      • admin

        Happy to help. Hope you feel better!

    • Lolita

      WOW! So that’s what happenig to me? Your video is rigth on time! Thank you Steve!

    • Lisa

      Wow, I really like that Steve. It’s almost like you hook your confidence at every level in anything you do by focussing on your gift through the eye of the storm. Love it! You always seems to break things down to it’s common denominator! That’s great! Thank you!!!

    • GetGreatCoffeeFrom Morris

      It is amazing what can be so overwhelming can get in the way to let you overwhelm. I love the the reality on this play on words. Little things get you in the way to be successful. I like 100% but can’t get there. So why try.
      Little things got in the way for my Shanghai coffee roasting business. But they didn’t have to.

      Be well.

      • admin

        Thanks, Morris. I understand. We get it on an intellectual level, but getting to the emotions is often another story…

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