Time…and cookies…wait for no man or woman. with predictable results.

But, on video we can instantly shed at least 10 pounds and 10 years using some simple strategies that utilize the physics of light, shadow and positioning.

It’s really pretty simple and works with much happier AND predictable results.

Hard to explain. Easy to demonstrate…

    18 replies to "How to Look Younger And Thinner On Camera"

    • Karen Sands

      Perfect timing for this tip!

      I have a skype interview coming up this week, and then a TV interview next. So I will use your lighting and chin lowering to look great/better on the screen. Thanks, Karen

      • Steven

        Awesome, Karen. Good luck with the interviews!

    • Dan

      Hi Steve,

      I’m curious about the angel shaped light silhouette behind you???? No doudt you’re the angle of video production. 🙂



      • Steven

        Hm. I don’t recall going for that effect, but I’ll take it. 🙂 Thanks, Dan.

    • Matt

      Best video advice ever: “All you have to do is not act like Mussolini.”

      • Steven

        Thanks, Matt! Not sure that would work as a tagline, but it might be fun to see. 🙂

    • Dakota

      Thank you for this video! Do you suggest soft-boxes on both sides and one even higher for the head or one soft-box straight on? I have 2 of the regular soft boxes and one that is meant for booming over the person in the video to add a highlight to the top of the head but I am never quite sure of the best placement for them.

      • Steve

        Generally its best to use all 3 lights, and set the 2 lights in front to either side of the camera. The top light is great for highlights and separation from the background.

        • Dakota

          Thank you Steve! I’m looking forward to watching your other videos!

    • Kelly

      Hey Steve,

      Fabulous tips! Easy to understand…and implement. No mumbo jumbo!

      • Steven

        Thanks much, Kelly! Yes, you’ll find we’re not big on the mumbo-jumbo. Makes the learning curve too steep.

    • Dianne Crampton

      Good information, Steve. I have heard that the most complimentary profile for women is looking up and making sure there is a light from below. Is lighting different for men and women?

      • Steven

        Yes. The most flattering light for women is essentially shadowless and very soft.

        And being lit from below is a horror show. Avoid at all costs. It creates shadows that travel up your face and literally make you look like you’re in a 1930’s Dracula movie.

        As for looking up, well, I guess you know my feelings about that.

        There is a caveat, though. If you’re looking up because the camera is high above you, that can actually be a very good and very flattering angle, but it’s an unusual angle and not right for most business circumstances.

      • Shan

        I guess this is why judge Judy has a strong light on the desk during cases!

    • Mark Simko

      Looking down is a reflex. The eyes converge when focusing close. The muscles that connect the eye move the eye downward as they move inward.
      That movement is exploited in progressive lenses for eyeglasses. Since so many of us are using progressive lenses in our eyewear, the action of looking downward when focusing close is further habituated.
      I don’t know how I’m going to break that habit. Especially when trying to read a teleprompter or que card mounted near the camera lens. Maybe full lens reading glasses (intermediate distance) would work for us presbyopes.

      • Steven

        Fascinating insight, but fortunately not a problem in this instance, if I understand your point. The camera is going to be at least 3 or 4 feet away from you, so focusing closely should not be the issue you might be concerned about.

    • Kim

      Great info! Quick question- what about ring lights?

      • Steven

        Pricey, but yes, they can be great because of how they treat shadows. They can also be awful if not used properly. If I were a beginner, I’d go with softboxes instead unless you have a greenscreen system that’s tied to the ring light. In that case, you have no choice but to become a pro as fast as possible. 🙂

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