When you embed your YouTube videos on your blog, up to 9 other videos pop up at the end.

None of these videos are yours.

Here are 2 ways to make sure they are all yours from now on.

Unless, of course, you want the world to know how you never seem to tire of Monty Python retrospectives. 🙂

    6 replies to "How to Make All Suggested Videos Your Videos"

    • Leslie Covington

      Great information, Steven!! Thanks!!

    • Richard Mowrey

      Steve again shows that he is a Super scriptwriter, Awesome actor…and now a “Tech detective”!
      Thank you for discovering and sharing!

    • Terry Hunter

      Great info!

    • James

      My head is spinning. Steve, you are the man! Is there anything you don’t know? I seriously doubt it. Thank you once again for such an informative presentation. Big time assist.

    • susan

      WONDERFUL as always. Now do I need to do that at the end of all my YouTube videos?

      • Steve

        Just all the ones you embed on your blog!

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