You’ve made an awesome video, you think. Then you check your stats and find that way too many people stopped watching after a minute. What gives? It could be that you violated the first rule of video marketing. That just won’t do. If they don’t watch your video all the way through, then your super-duper call to action will never be seen. Would you like to know what to do about it? Just click and watch!

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    • Dan McComas

      Hi Steve,

      Loved the video and your “mixing bowl” ideas. All hail 3D Absurdity! The blue background looked great by the way!

      I was wondering how you move from right to left, etc. in the video. Something tells me it’s all in the editing? I use iMovie ’11 and Screenflow and would love to learn this magical touch if you would be so kind.

      Thanks very much,

    • Steven Washer

      The moving is in the editing, but it’s very, very simple. Just cut the timeline where you want to move, then cut it again where you want it to end, then move on the x axis only.

      But you can’t do this in Screenflow, since you can’t do greenscreen in Screenflow.
      As for iMovie, that would be possible I think, but a hassle. I use Final Cut, but any real editing program will do this just as easily.

      • Ian Brodie

        Hey Steve – I think Screenflow 4 has greenscreen/chromakey. Not used it myself yet but it’s in the help files.


        – Ian

        • Steven Washer

          Whoops. You’re right, Ian! I missed that. It doesn’t look very controllable, but it is there.

        • Richard Linn

          I use Sony Vegas for editing and it is quite easy. Once you have done it a couple of times it will be a quick process. I also like the use of moving the subject more dramatically (as Steve has done) instead of the usual jump cut where the subject stays in the same place, but with an obvious cut in the presentation.

          Another great video, Steve!

    • Jim Esmeier

      Another great video, Steve. I enjoyed you on the Super Heroes event also.

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Jim. There were a lot of very smart people there. It was an honor to be in the lineup. Hope you learned a lot!

    • I can’t get enough of these videos! Steve, you could be selling bath salts and I’d watch every single one! Ok, your ideas are genius, but I get just as much from your presentation. You’re a true inspiration! Thanks!

      • Steven Washer

        You’re welcome! I’m off to strike a deal with Bed, Bath and Beyond! 🙂

    • Jorge Fernandez

      Not sure I get your point Steve. Maybe I had a difficult day, but I actually did not see the correlation between the absurd word associations and having someone watch my video all the way to the end, or at least to the point where I placed a call to action. I watched the video three times. Sorry if this is a dumb request, but would you mind explaining the concept in a different way? Thank you!

      • Steven Washer

        I can understand. I actually worried a bit about this one because it’s kind of a longish chain of logic, which doesn’t always work on video. It starts with the objective “encourage people to watch all the way through. Then it moves on to “keep them entertained all the way though”, then it moves to “how do I do that?” then to “do something unexpected”, then “put disparate concepts together”.

        It’s also a non-sleazy way to keep your audience’s attention. It doesn’t rely on sleight of hand, “ninja mind tricks” or phony interaction. So you should entertain as well as enlighten when you choose this way.

        You watched it 3 times. Not that that proves my point, but I don’t think you would have wasted your time if you weren’t the slightest bit intrigued.

        • Jorge Fernandez

          Now I get it! It’s all about gathering the viewers attention from the beginning and maintaining that interest and engagement throughout the entire video. Awesome response Steve! Thank you!

          • Steven Washer

            Awesome. Thanks, Jorge!

          • Hank Scott


            Watched it three times, and then left comments eliciting feedback, to get the point.

            Perhaps being somewhat vague — in an entertaining sort of way — is the real key to compelling engagement.

            I’m still puzzling over how little Stevie got out of his cage….

            • Steven Washer

              Yes, but “be vague” would have been an extremely short video 🙂
              (Stevie is something of a mechanical savant…)

    • Peter Sandeen

      “Tummy wants what it wants” 😀

      Thanks, made my morning. And a great idea too.

      You know how people talk about getting overwhelmed when they hear of too many good marketing ideas and don’t know where to start because of it? I’m starting to get that feeling with video. Thanks to you 😉

      • Steven Washer

        Well, Peter, that would be a shame, as you’re one of the true masters of your craft, and you could do quite well with video, and have!

        • Peter Sandeen

          Thanks Steve,

          I won’t get the confusion kick in. Just have to find the time to get really started…

    • Richard Linn

      I always look forward to your video messages and the insightful content you share. Your on-camera presence is reassuring and authoritative, while being friendly and, dare I say – humble. It adds up to a very effective persona and role you have adopted for yourself.

      Keep it up!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Richard. Video is a kind of magical medium that way. So I do this to spread the word that anyone can have a focused persona…

    • James Black

      Steve, Would love to join your video lessons …But every one I have ever seen Starts and stops every five to ten seconds. It could be me, but do not think so.

      • Steve

        These are streamed from Vimeo. Just tap the HD symbol and it will stream faster on your connection by down converting to SD.

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