You can shake a stick, you can stick a landing, but you can’t make your teaching stick unless you say no to sticking to the safe choice.

What does that mean? Frankly, it means not being middle-of-the-road, because you know what really happens when you walk down the middle of a road?

You kinda get swept away by all that screamingly fast web traffic, along with your best tips and teaching.

Let’s fix that.

Here’s a way to position your tip that almost never fails to slow down and then stop the information-blind driver. It will help you effortlessly communicate what you intend, in the way you intend.

And of course, it has the benefit of never having been tried…except by those we recognize as authorities.

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    • Jeff

      Stephen, I am not 100% clear on exactly what I must do to follow your message today? It felt a little like those images in the magazines when we were kids at the doctors office…you know where the lions and tigers were in the picture, but we had to really look past the other stuff to see it.
      Example: problem – not enough customers
      Solution – using Fb advertising
      3 benefits
      1. Ability to put message in front of ideal customer
      2. Increase reservations for less money than traditional advertising
      3. Ability to build a customer database for future offers, there by reducing future ad costs
      To learn more , I have a daily show “how to turn FB into a reservation Machine”. Join me each weekday at 10am where I share in detail exactly how you can leverage this tool to consistently fill your restaurant.

      Is this it or did I miss it? There’s still a Tiger on the page?

      Thanks Stephen

      • Steven Washer

        This can be a tough one to see, but once you see it you can’t unsee it.
        The benefits you describe sound great, and they actually come from higher ideas; the tiger you mentioned.
        It’s those ideas that will power your content engine for years to come. Your benefits #1 and #3 are pretty close to being ideas like that.

        Here’s another way to look at it. Benefits have a “use by” date. Your higher ideas that create those benefits tend not to expire.

        There’s nothing wrong with benefits other than they demand that your conversation veer immediately to the opposite; namely problems. And that’s fine for a while, but you’ll soon want the ability to get above the opposites, where the higher ideas live.

        • Jeff Harrison

          OK, the message is becoming clearer, thanks so much for your clarifying.

        • Jeff Harrison

          one additional thought or question. I have always tried to build for myself or for clients, evergreen content. As you mention 1 and 3, these are evergreen, while I can see #2 has a stale date…ah ha!

          • Steven Washer

            Awesome, Jeff. You got it.

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