Persuasion is one of the strongest forces in the universe. So we bend it to our will, use it for selfish gain, then congratulate ourselves…and think we know what it is.

We have no IDEA what it is. Maybe that’s why some feel the sleaze dripping off it when they see it being used in marketing. It can make one feel uncomfortable at the very idea of using it in their own marketing.

Here’s what persuasion actually is and why you need to embrace it with all your heart.

(Disclaimer: Everything said in this video is completely non-sectarian and for educational purposes only. Nevertheless, apologies in advance if anyone’s religious sensibilities are offended!)

    12 replies to "How to Make Your Videos Persuasive"

    • James Early

      I love your definitions of persuasion and marketing

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you James! It was a hard-fought one.

    • Eddie Oxedine

      Thank you . You’re one of the best teachers I have ever heard.

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you for the kind words, Eddie. Hope this helps your cause.

    • Ted Lee Sadler

      Very good!
      Yes, we humans (and we have an enemy) do tend to twist good things and even neutral things into ugly sticks which we use to beat our neighbor… sigh… not the original plan.
      Yes, Jesus did teach in a way – several really – that best connects with people – much to learn from Him!
      Thank you sir – I’ll say that it’s been fun to watch your growth in this space over the past several years and while I have yet to purchase additional services – I’ve learned alot from you!
      Thank you!

      • Steven Washer

        A pleasure, Ted! And I hope you can use this as well.

    • Mel Hardman

      Always a pleasure (and fun)….and so very enlightening to go ‘up to the mountain’ for great learning. Can’t think of any other teacher I’ve experienced who compares with you, Steve.

      • Steven Washer

        Perhaps because this one had more to learn than those gifted with more common sense. 🙂
        One of my favorite quotes is from a playwright named Edward Albee: “It is sometimes necessary to go a long distance out of your way in order to come back a short distance correctly”.

    • Boris

      I love the Edward Albee quote in your reply; it really resonates with me deeply, having gone apparent large and long detours, calling myself a late-bloomer beyond compare. Here.Is.Hope!

      • Steven Washer

        Yes! Own it, because it is no longer hope. It is your hard-won wisdom.

    • sanjay

      Thanks Steven, it’s really insightful. Somebody has to make persuasion and marketing less sleazy and less ugly, and this helps. Your audio is exceptional; can you share which mic , set up and camera you are using?


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