Welcome to week 4 of LOW-TECH month.

Today we’ll show you how to monetize all this bloggy goodness you’ve been baking for the last 3 weeks!

Hey, it’s all well and good to know how to make videos and get them on your blog, but if it doesn’t culminate in a significant ROI, you might feel a little cheated. Let’s not let that happen.

We’re going to answer the question: How do you turn simple videos into a consistent source of revenue?

You might want to take a couple of notes to make sure you’ve got the technique down. I don’t think you’ve seen anything quite like this strategy before, but once you see how simple this is, you may never want to use any other video sales strategy!

The best part is that you can start it today and just keep adding to it, which only makes it more powerful.

Adding what, you ask?

Well, watch and find out! 🙂

This is Pt. 4 of a 4 part series we’ve made to introduce you to Lucrative Video Blogging.

By the way, here’s Pt. 1:
One Hot On-Camera Low-Tech Performance Hack

And here’s Pt. 2:
How to Get An Endless Source of Creative Ideas For Video Blogging

And of course, Pt. 3:
How to Get Gorgeous Lighting With No Lights At All

    3 replies to "How to Monetize Your Video Blog"

    • Jaime Espiritu

      This sounds like a lot easier than doing a lead generation video. Your idea gives bite sized pieces to your viewers so they WANT to painlessly opt in.

      Let’s get started with the course!

      • Steven Washer

        We’ll be starting very soon now! Lots of bloggy goodness and other surprises on the way…

    • Jaime Espiritu

      Great. I’ll look out for the early bird promo.

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