Not too long ago I asked our community if they had any challenges using teleprompters. It seems everybody, pro or newbie, was concerned about sounding robotic, or looking stiff and wooden trying to read the teleprompter.

I get it. Coming off unnatural is an especially cruel and ironic problem, because it cuts at the heart of why we use on-camera video in the first place, which is to make a real connection. So when you feel uncomfortable, that’s the energy that gets communicated and those videos don’t get results.

Obviously it’s just better when people can speak on camera like they do in real life, on demand.

So I’ve put together a free training on how to be simply awesome with a teleprompter. And the best part is that you don’t really need a teleprompter to learn it!

Once you’ve seen this method and tried it, you will absolutely know you can do this. And after just a few short practice sessions, you might even feel like a pro.

Subscribers can log into the training here

Not yet a subscriber? Just click here and we’ll get you to the training as well!

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